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Business transactions and reflections.It speaks about the other business transactions that take place in and around.They call it others.While also to reflect on our actions.
Our knowledge,imagination.People and Places.

The Parallel Lines.

The Parallel Lines.
Market! Market!.It sound so common a word.You write with a pencil or pen,it doesn't matter.Discount or a price hike.A very small shop or a retailer.All you want is that you get what you are looking for.Sometimes alternative suits.Points rise and drop.Many are left confused.What's happening in the market.Is the market volatile? Just few months ago I bought myself a motorcycle riding gloves.I was thinking how price varies in the net and the bazaar.Does distance increase the prices of commodities,wonder if any rise or decision in the metropolis affect small districts(as far as the Himalayan region!).
The angle of rise of prices is so irrelevant to the amount a consumer can procure.The radius of effect doesn't take time to become a diameter.And then the effect becomes widespread.Material or durability,branded and non-branded.The road too is not spared.Sometimes bitumen,sometimes concrete and sometimes tiles.Point of views like skew lines become a tool.
Generally speaking 'in the east is spirituality and in the west is technology.'Adjacent to a problem we tend to sometimes find a solution.Is there anything complimentary with any service.Perhaps a supplementary.Is inflation very disturbing?
Gone are the days of barter system...now we have plastic money,credit cards,online banking and now we have touch screens!In business(or you may say an enterprise) if a poor man becomes humble...does it do him good?
Some make profits some make loss.Stretch of road tells the price of ride.And tourism is
just a name in the paper. Connecting is not too much of a problem or is it still? Is there anything like business when far districts are concerned.
Parameters,population,knowledge,dignity of labor,means of earning and state of mind.Are these things taken into account when transaction becomes the subject? Is this an age of commercialization or digital age?
But still its the bazaar.
'To market to market to buy a fat pig' or 'To sell a pair or pears' or ' A pair of shoes'.
Chinese do business like Chinese checkers and Indians do like snakes and ladders.
Or is the truth something else say like 'Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.' Or is it the basic that we need...the fundamentals of life,procedures and analysis.

Let me end this article with a story " Once a frog named so and so drank most of the water from the streams,rivers,wells etc and lo! the animals in the jungle were left thirsty.They came out with a plan.Together they went to the frog and told him funny stories one after another.And this made the frog laugh and laugh.And 'O' the water he drank came gushing out his mouth.And the rest of the streams,rivers and wells were filled with water once again."

Mr.Riku Tage.
North-East of India.


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