Office Romances: What about favoritism and Recognition

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High profile people are vilified when word gets out that they are married and are having an office romance, Former President Clinton is a prime example. However, office romances often occur between married people in any walk of life.


We started this series looking at the inequality of power between a boss and an employee having a workplace romance. Some people made their way to the top by sleeping with the boss. While others were favored over other employees which caused friction among the ranks.

Consequences or fringe benefits

More consequences or fringe benefits of a boss employee workplace romance, depending on how you look at it.

Unfair treatment of fellow employees

When we left off we were talking about a supervisor who was flaunting her affair with the boss. She would also threaten people who did not do her bidding stating that one word from her and they would be fired. If she had any friends at work before the affair she certainly didn't afterward.


Workplace romances can also lead to jealousy causing bickering among the employees. This particular supervisor also walked around with a sense of entitlement. Her ethical and unprofessional attitude was lost on the boss who excused all her actions to the dismay of the employees.

Favoritism or recognition


While some workplace relationships go on, some bosses have been known to show favoritism. In another Montreal company where a friend works, though it was never stated officially everyone knew the boss was seeing one of the employees. Everyone is expected to come to work on time, and is penalized if they didn't; except this one girl. She comes and goes as she pleases. Although she is good at her job, she does not have to make the sales quotas like the other employees. The employees have an hour lunch break and several times in any given month the boss and this one particular girl will come back from lunch sometimes two hours later.

Not being accredited for work done well

Even in situations where the boss does not try to show favoritism, the girlfriend will not get 100 percent credit for a job well done. There will always employees who will think that the mistress only received the credit or the promotion because she was sleeping with the boss.

to be continued

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author avatar pohtiongho
30th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for telling us the stories. It happens in every country and there is very little we can do, except to work properly and and make sure we don't step on their toes.

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author avatar Utah Jay
30th Mar 2015 (#)

It is just not a smart thing to do, but then the heart leads and the body fallows. It seems we put ourselves in awkward positions sometimes.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
30th Mar 2015 (#)

This is just not a good idea. No matter how you look at it this can go so wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to be involved in anything like this.

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