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In my entire career I am exposed and involved on various office drama. No one wants drama because it will only get you or someone else fired. It range from childish to serious sorts which threatens and sabotage careers. When drama was staged, productivity was reduced by diverting energy from objectives and deadlines. And it also brings unnecessary stress among employees.

There are different types of drama and its performers.


Over thinker are people who like to know all things and frequently ask questions. They drive other employees nuts because they are too analytical in faults. They tend to magnify even small issues, creating tension for the whole workplace.


They are always the villain who are giving negative comments on everything you say for the sake of opposing you. Your patience will be pushed to the limit by coworkers who seem to change their minds every few minutes. They tend to verbally intimidate you. If this happens, set an absolute zero policy against verbal and physical intimidation and then back it up. If the Antagonist still fails to respect boundaries, document their behaviors, and report to a hgher up.

The Victims

They are the martyrs who have constant complaints and nothing is ever the Victim's responsibility. They always will create antagonist for themselves and give reasons and blames others for their shortfall.

Don't encourage these guys by jumping in stage with them. Sincerely express your regret over the trials the Victim is enduring, and firmly excuse yourself with important matters. Don't participate. Drama, inside the office and out, requires emotional reaction to keep the plot moving forward. A little responsiveness goes a long way towards pulling the curtain down and end the show.


They are with panic disorders. The highly anxious, paranoid people who aren't able to self-regulate their own emotions, so when something happens, they may feel as if their world is ending. More often, they can infect their anxiety onto you.

Negative News Reporter

They thrive on sharing this negativity, it’s incredibly draining for you. You don't want to hear negative thoughts everyday. Nuetralize the surrounding with positive vibes.

Gossip Monger

They are people spreading unconfirmed news or hearsays and most of it were personal. The problem with gossip is its potential to hurt others’ feelings and lose others’ trust and credibility.

Annoying Stupids

Annoying people tend to do annoying things like tapping pens, laughing loud while other are deeply concentrating, teasing other co-worker, bullying and playing loud music like in party.


These are the collectors of things they don't own. This range from petty stealing of pens, getting your food or drinking your milk im refrigerator, to more serious actuations like stealing money.

Net Surfer

Most employers understand the need to take a break, and it’s probably fine that your computer screen isn’t always reflecting your work assignments. However, these people consuming more time surfing as if they are at home is not a good habit for work which need to halt.

Office Romantics

The worst drama of all- personal relationship. We work to earn money and improve ourselves in terms of skills. However, if you got involve with someone at the office romatically, you are inviting sorts of drama. Most office relationships are simply not worth the drama that they can cause.


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29th Dec 2015 (#)

I find genuine humor and parody really readng your very iinformatve article. Hope to see more of your post this comng year 2016.

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