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Weekly Planner. A must if you are wanting to succeed on line.
This is what I do through out my week.
Achieving an Income on the internet. I originally published this page way back in 2010 then updated it in 2011. Now this hopefully should be the final update in 2013

My Introduction to Planning and why.

Achieving an Income on the internet. I originally published this page way back in 2010 then updated it in 2011.
Now this hopefully should be the final update in 2013
It is so important to have a weekly plan.
Why so you can keep track on what site's are worth while, and what are a big waste of time.
At the left the photo is when I first joined SFI in 2010.
How do I do this by promoting SFI teamed with Wikinuts and using their statistic source and setting aside time to read their training information.

I log in daily and see what sites are working and what sites are a waste of time.
I spent 1000's of dollars and hours, testing 1000's of sites. While recovering from Major surgery. Yes my life had to take on a new direction.
So do not feel sorry for yourself. Set goals and achieve them.
I have no time for people complaining. Life is what you make it.
If you expect everything for nothing. Results will equal nothing.
Do not give up after the first month. You will be losing before even getting starting.
In 2011 The Earthquakes hit, and we have had over 7400.
Now it is 2013 and we have had over 10,000 aftershocks.

Check the sites I have listed at Dollar Wise if your site is not listed there. Then assume that I have tested it, and it did not pass my test to continue with it.
AVOID Flashadcash and Your traffic Income. These sites do not pay.
Also Admedia trader and Autoxten stay away from. Best deal yet is the worst.
They are opening new scam sites daily.
How I avoid being ripped off.
So many sites fly by night, swooping in with promises of wealth and fortunes, grabbing all your money, never to be heard from again.
That is why I only promote SFI and Wikinut, sending my down line to Bizhoppers
Killing many birds with one stone. I have been upgraded here since 2010.
Sign ups at both sites. Join FREE Bizhoppers .
YES clicking viewing earning promoting. = dollars daily.
>>> SAME TRUSTED ADMIN'S - NEW SISTER SITES <<< These are what you will only see I recommend to JOIN on profile page at Bizhoppers to promote SFI and Wikinut.

Daily Planner. Participate daily with these sites..

This is how I start off each day,.
I love it every morning I start by logging into SFI I transfer my monthly earnings to my Master Card or reinvest what I have earned that day purchasing TCredits to use to reward my down line for participation. I then participate with the daily to do List earnng VPoints.

I jump over to Bizhoppers
I spend 1/2 hour daily, connecting and promoting at both sites..
I then make sure to surf 2-3 sites daily you see listed at Dollarwise on my Sales Funnel Page.
I promote there, plus I rotate my SFI coop splash link and rotator. and My SFI tracking link. So I record results with my hits.
Awesume for sign ups.
I send welcome invites to all new members sending them to SFI. I am upgraded at all the Traffic Exchanges you see listed. So I get random down line plus credits to use for my promoting daily I uterlise my credits to their full potential.

You do not need to join sites to build lists.

By going Gold I utilize this social network site to its full potential. Building a list.
I also participate with SFI Coop and have my own coop set up for my down line that I promote at more than 70 sites weekly.
Win Win situation to get dollars rolling daily.

I finish with checking Vtrafficrush I have SFI banners set up here, Plus a banner I designed promoting Wikinut. promoting on Auto Pilot.
They are also displayed on all my down line, 6 levels deep, promoting pages.
I participate daily with their viral grid. Yes winning cash or traffic.
I make sure to click all emails from SFI earning VP points. I reply to all PSA's within 24 hours.
I started small then sat back and watched my nest egg grow over the coming years.
Yes dedication, determination, duplication, Participation. Are the keys to success
So we start. You can multi task, if you want flick between a couple of sites, but any more than that will overload your computer.

Traffic Exchange sites I purchased year Upgrades at. Starting back in 2010. I worked my way through the list monthly, upgrading at a new one. I now pay for these Yearly upgrades with down line earnings at no cost to me.
I have been upgraded here since 2009 Honest and paying Admin.

Daily Earnings. Promote and earn from Daily.

These are the add's I send away daily promoting at all my safe list sites promoting SFI.

There is no way to truly succeed on the Internet without a program that actually works!
TEST DRIVE the most powerful system on the internet for FREE -- no strings attached!
Are you finding it difficult to make money online?
No hype needed. As proven and paying.
Signups day one. Cash day two. Worked for me.
The beauty of this is whether you join or not
I will still be earning an income tomorrow..
Wouldn't YOU like to be in that position?

Safe lists I use Daily.

These are proven safe lists I have tested that get me results daily. Some I have been a member with since 2009. Yes they are here for the long haul.

I use sites for promoting and getting sign ups for SFI and Wikinut. Rotating weekly.
Once again I am upgraded at all of the sites you will see listed at Dollar Wise.
How did I achieve this. By upgrading at a new one every couple of months.
This added to my nest egg growing.
Remember it has taken me three years to achieve these results.
So start small by upgrading at a different site Monthly.
I also make sure to click all of the emails sent from SFI.
Most important read and follow your Launch Pad instructions.
The beauty is no matter where you are or what circumstances.
You can start to earn a full time wage working from home.

How I set up Weekly Planner. Monday example.

I start with Monday.
I have set up at Dollar Wise my sales funnel page with the links I use solely for promoting SFI and Wikinuts.
Your task would be to go to this page and join 2-3 new sites daily.
Then you can participate the way I do.

I start each morning logging into SFI and participating with the to do list

I can log in and work from this page daily. When I click a link it will open in a new browser taking me to the site to surf or email my posts away.
Once I have finished I simply close the browser and return to my sales funnel page.
I surf 2-3 different sites in rotation. I check when I can email at the safe lists. Some are daily some are every 2-3 days. etc

Tuesday Wednesday.

I start each morning logging into SFI and participating with the to do list
I connect with new A2A members for 1/2 an hour. I also check all members emails informing me that they have accepted my connection. I log into A2A, scroll to the bottom and click FRIENDS in blue writing. I then send them a welcome post introducing myself. I also keep a record on my computer of the name of the last A2A member I send a post to. This way I know where I am up to.
Thanks for connecting.
I am very impressed to see how far SFI have advanced since I originally joined in 2011. I decided instead of reopening a shop or returning to the markets,
(I use to sell at the ChCh art centre for 20 years. Sadly it is all gone now. Because of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011.) I would sell through triple clicks instead.

I enjoy connecting with members Tconnect pages, seeing what they have on offer for sale. I have found some amazing bargains. We have some talented people here.

I am now a LocalPay TCurrency provider This way Aussies and Kiwi's have different ways to purchase my clothing. I like the fact now people can call around home and pick garments up then pay or pay via alertpay or Kiwibank.
I encourage everyone to leave me comments with suggestions of garments you would like me to design.

I now work from home full time surfing and earning. I make sure to log in and participate daily at SFI for about an hour a day. This is a great opportunity to start earning a second income.

I feel its all about picking the right program and succeeding by only promoting SFI with a great lead generating program.
Your down line will follow you into these other programs.
Connect with me at skype maree.wells I have a training group here. Where you can connect with members in your local community
This way when I am off line they have some where they can go to for future reference. Team support is the key to success.

I use to get so annoyed when I was a newbie in 2010, as there was no up line support from so many sites I joined, so I make sure I am there 24/7 for my down lines.' I have a support website

I have spent 1000's of dollars and hours testing 1000's of sites. So be reassured I still feel SFI is the best deal around. I reckon if something works why change it.

My best tip. Introduce ECA to all your charities and local groups. Great fundraising opportunity for them.

I finish with logging into the sales funnel page and doing a litle promoting.

Thursday Friday

I spend a little time at Triple Click connecting and viewing other ECA websites.
I go to my Genelogy tab at SFI and send a team post away. Because I have over 423 members now. This is a simple way of making sure I have responded to all my new PSA's
Welcome from Maree. Your up line sponsor.
Surfing and earning in New Zealand.

Expectations: Have you been stuck in the "something for nothing" mindset?
Do not skim through the launch pad training. Instead take your time making notes of what you feel will help you get a better understanding for future references.

Read my Leader ship Blog and Tips for SFI. Top right click sponsor to view.

Hoover your mouse over account at the right in grey box. A drop down box will appear, click and add your profile plus a photo for that professional touch.
Click Gateway and this is where you will find your links.

Read how you can start earning today and every day.

Start each day logging into SFI. Click above the 2 do list then click each blue link and participate. Click the blue box at the bottom collecting your VPoints.
Click the Ask SC then click the Blue writing at the right GO and view members interesting answers to newbie questions. Then click Yes or No to rate the answer.

Within your first 24 hours try and achieve the fast track .
You are Guaranteed this if you set up a standing order within the first 24 hours.
This will also keep you in the competition staying above the Green Line Monthly.

Connect with me at skype maree.wells
My best tip. Introduce ECA to all your charities and local groups as a way for fund raising.

Check out my training pages I have designed for all my down line to refer to when I am off line.
No time to surf and promote. View our SFI Coop Splash
Remember once you have done the to do list. Return to one different subject daily to study. Click all the blue links and read. Earning more VP Points.
Most important connect with me on my Tconnect page.
Cheers Maree.

Saturday Sunday

I only work half the day. The afternoon I go and visit friends or family.
You need to have a break. I check my messages at SFI. I also check my top movers and send them words of encouragement on their achievements and success.
I also remind them to go to Wikinuts and write an article on these achievements.

Answering Emails. Daily Participation

ANSWER all emails
I have three email accounts set up with g mail.
I join Safe lists and because there are so many emails to click.
I keep the one's that pay me daily at my mb5681@gmail account.
Once I have upgraded and do not want to click I change my contact email address to my dollar wise gmail account.
I save my referring url on my weekly planner. Then just log into my dollar wise gmail and delete all emails.
That way I can just copy and paste sites when I want to send emails to entire lists.
I select to answer all Hercules, the rest I delete at my leisure.
Deciding how long I want to work for the day. As long as I have done what you see listed at the daily participation.
Make sure to stay in contact with down line members. I save all their email addresses and send them an email weekly keeping the informed on where I am clicking and earning.

Where I invest my earnings.

Do Not, I stress trust any other site before testing.
Do not join copy cat sites. Start with the original. No scams just dollars daily..
Set and forget sites Working in the background
Just like going to work at an office. Instead I can do it at my leisure deciding what times I want to work and what hours I want to play.

20 Years designing.

My motto: No matter what shape or size you are. Everyone is entitled to look great and that is what I achieve.
I run my business solely through
So Aussie and Kiwi's check my designs there. Member maree_designs.
Remember to open a facebook account. So you can stay in touch with all your members. Connect with me at facebook. mareedesigns
I post daily on what sites I have promotions, when I list new items on trademe or Triple Clicks etc.
Most importantly, Only state the truth and the true figures you are earning.
Your down line will see the difference monthly as you inform them of your earnings.
If you have a business where you make and sale.
If you Own/Manage a Business or know someone who does >>>
Go to
Have your website up and running by this evening. No hidden costs or contracts
Over 100.000 members are waiting to view what you have to sell at Triple clicks and SFI gives you a way to earn a second income.
Serious about Affiliate Marketing
as a full time income. Then set up your own down line website duplicating Dollar Wise.
Sign up FREE here
I offer to set up your website free duplicating my Dollar Wise Page adding your SFI and wikinut links.
Also you down line will be able to access the sales funnel page plus SFI training pages from your website.

Social Media. Advertising of the Future.

Does Facebook pay you for selling tex packages by socializing No.
Socialize/promote = $$$$
Due to Christchurch earthquake's I need more than ever now to earn an income from home. Here I will achieve this.
So join me in building our team. Upgrade and let's get dollars rolling.
Any questions just ask.
Yes I have been online since 2009, wasted 1000's of dollars and hours
You benefit from all my donkey work.
.BIZHOPPERS I spend 1/2 hour daily connecting with new members. Sending them to my profile page.
Step #1 Promote BizOppers on the internet
Step #2 Connect with existing members
Step #3 Participate in groups and conversations - but don't Spam!
Step #4 Go gold and earn even more with being gold at Swom.
I love spending hours communicating with so many different people, from all walks of life. Make it your goal
to Upgrade at Bizhoppers then introduce new members to SFI and Wikinuts.

Start FREE. Set Goals and in 12 months have dollars rolling.

I know what it is like no money no income.
Here is the FREE plan to follow.
I estimate at least 3 months before you start to see results.
YES I know I hated it, searching for that dream. I use to click away for hours each day to no result.
This is when I started to make a note of where I was getting my pennies from.
So please[ follow the plan, do not get upset.
If you just click daily then only promote 2 sites no more than this.
Concentrating on only two. You are not spreading you wings to far and will start to see things change. Uterlising your credits to their full potential.
You can speed up the process if you upgrade.
The minute you receive your first dollars. Upgrade. By investing your earnings you will start earning quicker.
Surf daily then use points to promote SFi and Wikinuts with.
Daily I make connections at Bizoppers
As soon as you can set up your standing order at SFI for larger results.

You can start here FREE click daily Earning points then Promote SFI
I started in 2009 Grabbing her lifetime Upgrades when ever she launched a new site. Daily Daily

Must Join site. Join FREE then promote.

JOIN free then grab your years upgrade.
Add your five banners, then they will be working in the background displayed through out their advertising network. Also being promoted on all your down line web sites.
If you can afford it. Throw your banners into their viral pool. Works for me.
184 members with 719 banners are currently playing in the Viral Pool getting their share over 1 million banner views a day! This grows day by day.
Copy my add and promote it every where
Market Share
What is my market share and how do I use this?
This is a very unique tool to help you market and any sites you promote through! This marketing system, being introduced through and created by Paul Coonan, enables you to get a view of how your marketing efforts are going.
Total Market - This is the total of how many actual, unique people have seen vTrafficRush.
Your Market - This number is how many of the Total Market are "attached" to your id. These are your potential downline members!
Your Market Share - This number is your percentage of the total people that have seen, that are "attached" to your id.
vTrafficRush uses a unique referral tracking system that does not use cookies that are placed on people's computers, which can be deleted.
If a person views through your referral link, they become "attached" to your id. They remain attached to your id until they view through someone else's referral link. A visitor could come straight to with no referral link, and if they are attached to your id, and they decide to join, you get the referral, even if that happens a year from now!
Keep an eye on "Your Market" and you can get an idea of how your marketing efforts are going based on that number going up or down.
If "Your Market" is on the rise, you know you are getting vTrafficRush in front of new people before anybody else and/or you are taking away from someone else's market!
Add five different SFI and Triple click banners.


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Due to major surgery in 2009, I was forced to shut shop after 20 years. Determined not to feel sorry for myself I decided to swing the situation around to my benefit.

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author avatar JohnH
6th Jun 2011 (#)

well done. stumbled for good measure.

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author avatar maree
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it is so interesting reading my old articles. I was so gullible when I first began with affiliate marketing way back in 2009

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author avatar maree
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it is so interesting reading my old articles. I was so gullible when I first began with affiliate marketing way back in 2009

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author avatar maree
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it is so interesting reading my old articles. I was so gullible when I first began with affiliate marketing way back in 2009
I have decided for 2013 I will make more use of Wikinut

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