My Laziness

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One day when I knew my family wanted to start a business, I didn't want to. Why is it that the laziness in me could occurred? Maybe its all because its all my fault.

My Laziness

One early 2009, when my dad bought a house for my brothers and me to start a business, I didn't want to go to work because I would be lazy to wake up early in the morning. Everyday, my brothers and my mom would ignore me or ignores me when I don't go to work due to laziness. I have never had a job and to suddenly work made it tough for me. I try to find excuses to not go to work and every time those excuses become worst and worst.

A lot of people try and talk to me or yell at me due to the fact that I am old enough not to talk to gently anymore about how much my dad has worked before in his life and still make him work for something I am responsible for, not to mentioned even if he bought the house for us. My dad should have been retiring by now until the business grew and I still get lazy in bed. I do go every now and then but I can tell I don't put my 100% on the business like my brothers do.

They try and mention to me about the money I could be making and everything else and that is the only thing I care about yet, I do not want to work for that money. I just the money to come to me without me doing anything at all.

When we were young, my dad bought houses at the places we used to live and it made me mad when he decided to sell them. I didn't think about how much my dad had to still be responsible for whenever the tenants break the faucets or pipes and make my dad be at 2 places at a time, like at the business job and then go to fix the pipe. My dad is at the age where he should relax. I decided to leave the business without thinking this way and yet my dad still supports me.

I get a lot of this from people and that I shouldn't act like this. Recently my dad wanted my brothers to buy a house for themselves and for me to live with them and he'll provide my part until finish school and they used that for a more good reason on how dumb I am for making my dad doing all this work. The one person who has all the time in the world yet doesn't want to do anything for it or to help. A lot of people got tired for my attitude, especially since I still get some of the profit without working for it.

Yea, I have thought about it through and decided to think now about my dad and went back to the business, my laziness is over, or at least I try to make it over as sometimes, I can still have of that in me but I try to wake up.


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