Modern Banking: 5 Things That Ensure Great Customer Experience

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In order to keep your circle of customers, you should explore ways that will make your customer experience no less than great.


We live in the age of virtual reality and functioning spacecraft, so it’s finally time to revolutionize banking as well. Waiting in endless lines to be provided with a service you’re not really familiar with is a customer’s worse nightmare, one which repeats itself over and over again.

For a contemporary banking business that has really tough competition and is fighting for survival, it is necessary to look for innovative ways to improve the way they do business and increase customer satisfaction. Did you know that retaining a customer is about six times cheaper than gaining a new one?

In order to keep your circle of customers, you should explore ways that will make your customer experiences nothing less than great.

Highly Humanized Apps

Apps are not really new. Any bank that means serious business has their own; if that weren’t the case, those companies would have already been run over by this time. However, this isn’t nearly enough for modern customers. If you keep yourself updated on the news regarding app trends, I’m sure you’ve also read about the humanization of technology.

Average customers don’t really appreciate using a faceless, emotionless platform. Everything about your customer experience needs to be given a human touch so that your customers feel like they are getting the warmth and attention they deserve. You can solve this problem by adding a call line which is open 24/7 so that a customer can get in touch with you whenever he or she needs and hear a human voice on the other side.

Increment of Convenience

Interestingly enough, more and more “physical” banks are closing, and investing into the development and improvement of their online experience, thus transferring their business slowly and steadily to the web. However, those one or two physical locations became overcrowded with lines in which customers spend hours, which practically ruins all the efforts of those banks to improve their customer experience.

So, the convenience of your customers needs to be your priority. in your business, the fact that you wanted to transfer your company online and save money will become irrelevant. Therefore, make sure to invest into your physical presence as much as in the virtual.

Empower Your Customers

There’s a simple reason why people avoid banks: most of them don’t possess enough knowledge or skills to fully understand money management on a professional level. You can change this and make sure that the loyalty of your customers will be unshakeble, by educating them. Develop a program which will show them how to use options within your bank and give them tools and technologies to do exactly that.

Conversational Baking

Whether it’s an app or your website in question, you will want to automate as many conversations as you can without sounding artificial. Extracting mechanical activities from the way you do business will make more time and room for you and your team to work on creative matters and the expansion of your business – simple as that.

The first item we mentioned is the necessity for humanizing your business, so you need to be very, very careful about this. Avi Ben Ezra, CTO, and Henri Ben Ezra, CEO, from SnatchBot managed to create a platform which can be used by any business, no matter their number of employees. Their chat bot is able to function with a wide range of answers – from the simplest to the most complex ones.

A revolutionary platform, however, isn’t enough for your customers to be satisfied. It is necessary that you undertake thorough research which will enable you to imitate a real-live conversation with your customers so that the quality of your services doesn’t drop at all.

Connect Advising and Entertainment

An interesting thing has been implemented to customer bank accounts on both websites and apps. When a customer has been spending smartly and their monthly fund is in accordance with their plan for saving, awarding them with a reminder that their favorite team is playing on a certain date and providing them with a one click step to get the tickets is a very clever way to straighten the bond with your target audience.
Banks are not extracted from the saturation which is overflowing the digital market.

Business leaders in this niche need to be very attentive to their customers by trying to find new ways to predict and indulge their needs and wants. Only with this attitude will it be possible for a business to survive when the competition is this fierce.


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