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Mingle with the right people when you try to pursue your dream.

Focus on what you love!

I never knew what the working days of an artist were like until I had to be one myself. I say had to be because I used to have a job and never had to worry about making a living from being an artist. I could do my photo work on the side while I was dreaming about making my photo business a big success, but dreaming was without any pressure whatsoever. When I lost my other job, I never thought it would be so hard to get a new job, but finally I gave up. I got tired of writing applications for jobs I didn’t really want, and getting declined every single time was demotivating and depressing. I decided to focus all my energy on working with what I really love which is photography and photo art.

Don’t do Everything Alone!

I joined a network of entrepreneurs and met more and more people who were positive to what I did as well as willing to share their own experience in working alone. Some of these people were photographers like me, but instead of looking at each other as competitors we found that we were more like colleagues who could help each other and give each other advice.

I really have learned something from this network. Instead of thinking that the photo business that I have been running on the side would suffer from interacting with other photographers and likeminded people, believing that they would suck all the great ideas out of me and use it for their own benefit, I now know that networking with other people in the same situation as myself is a great way of learning and even promoting my own work. Interacting with photographers and all kinds of artists gives all of us more attention from the common crowd. After all we are selling different stuff to different customers. Promoting each other even benefits our own business as it arouses people’s curiosity about our own work.

Meeting with entrepreneurs in other businesses has also been time well spent. Although they have different plans than me, we all have something to sell. We all have different goals and experience, but we can all share our ideas which is rewarding for all of us.

Choose Your Crowd

If you have a dream to follow mingle with the best, not the ones holding you back. Never let people who did not take the chance to follow their own dream tell you that you can’t follow yours! There are so many great people out there who are willing to push you forward! All you have to do is to be one of them!


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author avatar Graceful
I am a photographer hoping my art will give the viewer a moment of escape. I will write about art and also add some photo challenges as well as everyday stories and travels.

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author avatar RY
17th Mar 2014 (#)

Very true Graceful. The vibrations of those around us have deep impact on our psychological preparation and actions. If positive, miracles can happen.

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author avatar Graceful
17th Mar 2014 (#)

Yes, RY. And the wrong people can keep us down and prevent us from doing the right thing.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Apr 2014 (#)

As an artist, photographer ad above all a real entrepreneur with corporate experience, I have learnt that keeping distance but yet being diligent in work helps in being the best.
None the less, I love sitting with the masters themselves and learning tricks of trade as that is where the essence lies. Its all part of the Creative Artist that I am.

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author avatar WOGIAM
11th Apr 2015 (#)

I agree that associating with and keeping company with people who have similar dreams and aspirations as one is a way to success in what we do.

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author avatar Graceful
13th Apr 2015 (#)

I think so too, WOGIAM. We should at least not listen to people who don't support us or who bring us down so we start doubting ourselves.

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