Managing workplace negativity is the biggest challenge faced by Companies

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Concept of understanding negativity has become one of the prime issue for all employees in an organisation.The articles points a few categories which need to be understood by each one of us who work for any organisation.

Concept of understanding negativity

In a workplace, we often deal with complaints, gossips, criticism, cynicism and pessimism. This creates negativity and breeds critical attitude among individuals which affects the team spirit and is detrimental to organizational health. To overcome this, companies are learning to deal with negativity and are institutionalizing the process. HR plays a very important role in finding the underlying root causes and taking corrective action.
Negativity affects individuals, teams and organizations. It leads to draining of enthusiasm, absenteeism, loss of productivity, overall lack of innovation and creativity. Managing negativity starts with understanding the causes of negativity. The causes can be broadly divided in to three categories; mainly
1)Organizational level
2)Team level
3) Individual level
Let us discuss few causes.

Organizational level- Negativity can be due to organizational change, change in business environment, leadership mismatch, disintegration of organization culture, lack of succession planning, company policy, salary mismatch, poor communication, lack of direction etc.

Team level- Cause of negativity may be due to improper planning, rigid work practice, poor relationship, unsupportive team, discrimination, disparity, unclear goal, few opportunities for promotion/growth etc.

Individual level- It may be due to Inappropriate workload, Insufficient recognition and
appreciation, low salary, harassment, lack of challenge, capability-expectation mismatch etc.

Role of Self esteem to remove negativity

To remove negativity one should learn & nurture the art of developing and managing self esteem. While in a discussion with junior officers, I often come across with statement like:
"Sir, We have observed that whenever we the frontline managers try to give solutions to any problem, we are demoralized by senior management by statements like:
1)If you have been in our place, u too would not have thought it..
2)You people are not practical...
3)Organization aise nahi chalte.( Organization can't be run like this) "

I always advice them to accomplish such challenges by showing ignorance to the statement mentioned and accepting the person's commitment towards his job along-with your positive attitude towards life. With this great mission in life's journey, one should work sincerely with best of his/her ability and derive pleasure out of work.
Role of promotion to deal with negativity

Most of the time, negativity happens due to wrong decision making in the case of promotion. Sometimes candidates who don't get promotion are made to feel low by the system. But I think, Career growth and promotion comes after your attitude towards life. One should not deviate and feel demoralized even if promotion is delayed in spite of devotion and sincerity.

Very recently, I had the opportunity to meet a section of young executives (New entrants) of an public sector organisation. Their complaint against their parent organisation was the issue of pay revision.One of them started saying "Sir we are almost 1000 guys which plays in pivotal role between workers and management. You can call us also worker-executive. We are highly demoralized and entrapped in vicious cycle of negativity. We think just rectification of this wage structure will rectify most of the things."
Honestly, I didn't know how to deal with the issue as the remuneration and pay structures at each level of such organization are decided by the corporate office of concerned sector which falls under certain directives and guidelines. But I feel, it should not be only matter of promotion or salary. There are lot of things to be worked upon. Eg:

2)Setting examples

3)Highlighting good work with PRO

4)Planning for improvement in once section other than those stated in Performance appraisal followed by using his team to accomplish them.

Many of these things are happening and transmitting positive vibes to other each time & every time. Absorbing positive vibes of once colleagues or co-workers matters the most. Negative aspect must be countered with positivity at all cost.



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