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Shipping car is a concerned issue to look into. There is a lot of difference between shipping a car and other cargo. Moreover, shipping a car is more sophisticated than domestic shipping and does require a lot of care to be taken. To begin with, make sure that you have to keep all the documents ready. You need to have the original purchase papers of the car along with the registration papers. You also need to look into the emission standards of the destination country.


Before going up with the shipping process, you need to take certain choices when you require international shipment of vehicle such car or jeep. First of all you have to decide the mode of transport. Currently, roll on roll off shipping or RORO shipping, exclusive container shipping, and open container or consolidation in a high cube container. You have to select the mode of transport first. The cost of all these methods varies in all the available options for the transport. Among all methods, open container is the cheapest, however, the most riskiest among all. Exclusive container shipping is the safest method of transport. Roll on roll off or RORO shipping is the most expedient method but also has a disadvantage that car can get sustain scratches. This method of transport is safer than exclusive container shipping and also cost effective as compared to exclusive container shipping. If you want to have your to have an individual container for your car, then cost of transport can boost up. The choice of shipping also depends on the type of car you want to ship. Like, if your car is very expensive or a collectible piece, you don’t want to take risk and then you only want to go with the option of individual container shipping. If your car is cheaper or not that much expensive and repairing do not cost much, then you can save your money by shipping them in roll in roll off shipping/ RORO shipping or open container shipping.

Exclusive container is preferred by customers who demand for high level of security for their cars. The trained staff will drive the car into the container and then making it sure that it is held in place during the transportation.

Safety precautions to be taken for international car shipping:

As an owner of the car, it is necessary to take precautions before handing over your car for shipping. Below are some of the points to make your car safe during the shipping process;

1. Take out all your belongings from the car. Accessories inside the car which has the tendency to loose or detached should be removed viz., food trays, cup holders, CD carriers, car phones, air fresheners, and others.
2. The tank of the car should only be half-filled or less. If the tank is full of gasoline then it can be hazardous. If the tank is having propane tank, then consult the manufacturer first regarding the specific instructions, if any, regarding the safety of tank during shipment.
3. Check that gas tank, brake fluid and oil for the car are leak-proof.
4. Make the safety alarm off.
5. Make sure that the engine and transmission are well protected, especially if the climate is cool.
6. Disclose all the things to the company before shipping regarding the car. Like, if car is not in a running condition then it makes the shipping a bit difficult because extra equipment and manpower would be needed to get it transported. So it is always better to disclose the things prior to shipping.
7. In addition, there are several other factors to be considered before car shipping. Minor scratches and superficial damages usually happen when cars are shipped. So always it is better to have an insurance policy securing you against the cost of repairs and damages that occurs during the shipment of the car. You can find out whether your insurance policy covers such expenses or not. If it does not cover all those points, then you need to choose shipping insurance from the shipping company so that you can save your money in case if any damage happen to your car during shipment.
8. Another important aspect to look before overseas shipping of car. It is a very important criterion that you need to consider. Most of the countries levy a percentage of the actual cost of the car. Some countries do charge upto 30% of the original cost as the custom charges. Therefore, if your car is cheap, it is better to dispose it a buy a new car at the destination. By considering all these factors, you can ensure safe transport and delivery of your beloved car to the destination place.

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