Low cost may not be this low

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Serious airliners that have always striven for safety seem to have been caught up with the trend of low cost air travel that discards everything that costs, including safety.

Low cost may not be this low

After the air crash happened in the French Alps, an issue has left me thinking seriously on air travel and this trend of low cost.
As all of us know, the co pilot was suffering from a mental illness and he was under psychiatric treatment. In the past, he'd tried to commit suicide, but. as I've read, he'd reported to the company about his condition in 2009. Yet, the company let him continue co piloting in their airplanes.
This is a matter of concern, I think. If the administrators of such serious airliner as Lufthansa knew it, and having known from the management how important safety is for them, one wonders why they accepted Andreas Lubitz to go on working as a co pilot.
They've shown not to strive a lot for safety in their flights, having been caught up by the trend of low cost flights. Business is business, they must have thought as any other airliner.
As all of us know this is an international emergency call in airplanes. When a pilot cries it out, it means that they have a problem in flight and according to a recent documentary filmed by Dutch TV with this heading, this is the call that Ryanair pilots have cried out most. The documentary can be watched on the Internet and one will be able to hear what Ryanair pilots are to tell about their working conditions and the company's policy. Except for the one who is already retired and is able to speak up looking at the camera, the others aren't shown up and their voices are distorted as they're still Ryanair pilots.
In every straightforward airliner, it'll be the pilot to decide on how much petrol they're to fly, but not on Ryanair.
Pilots are over worked. They aren't paid to get accommodation nearby airports and they'll have to find as a cheap accommodation as they can get in any city they land to spend a night till the next flight. This adds extra stress and tiredness.
They aren't paid when they're sick nor when their flights are cancelled because of weather conditions or any other casualty.
The list that these pilots tell us is long, including being bullied by the administrators if they don't do as told.
This is as regards to Ryanair, but it seems that being attracted by the trend of the low cost air travel, many other airliners that in the past were reliable and safe ones seem to have joined in to offer very cheap flights that will discard anything that costs, including safety in flight.
These people, who are fond of flying, claim that on these days air travel is the safest way. It may be so, but if companies avoid flying procedure to make flying safe, low cost air travel may not be this cheap on accounts of recent and tragic issues.
If it's true that Andreas Lubitz had reported to the company that he suffered from such mental illness in 2009, he should have been prevented from co piloting passenger airplanes. That is if Lufthansa cares for safety in their flights as they claim.

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