Low Capital Franchise Business in the Philippines

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Are you interested to franchise a business in the Philippines? Did you know that you can own one for a small capital but can give you an opportunity to earn big profit? Find out what kind of franchise business is this.


Filtrepreneur is one of the leading franchising company in the Philippines that offers food cart businesses for a small start-up capital ranging from 26,888.00 pesos up to 42,888 pesos one time franchise fee.
The food,the price and the service they offer are superb in quality. In addition to that, free trainings and seminars are provided for interested individuals who want to have a part time income or a full time business.
For all walks of life, this business is something worth your investment. Yes, you can now have a franchise business at low capital- the food cart business.

Food Cart Business

Here are the lists of the most affordable food cart businesses in the Philippines offered to us by Filtrepreneur:

Icy Pink Scramble- where you can sell ice scramble at very affordable price.
Pinoy Pao- where you can sell siopao products at low cost.
Emperor’s Siomai – Siomai at different flavors and very cheap prices
Red Bowl Toppings – Teriyaki meals at its best flavor and affordable prices
O’Noodle – sell Stir Fry Noodles
Jack Eatables- fish balls, squid balls, tempura, kikiam etc.
Burgeroo – beef patty burgers
Happy Waffle- affordable waffles in ube flavor, strawberry flavor and the original hotdog waffle
Pizza Pinoy- sell Pizza, the original version
Patatas Pries- Filipino version of french fries.
Sisig stop- where you can sell pork sisig, chicken sisig, tuna sisig and more
Rainbow Juicer- Sago and Juice available in different flavors
Putpot Puto Pao- available products are: puto with cheese, chocolate flavored puto
Ching’s Dumplings- Dumplings at its best
Joshawarma- where you can sell delicious shawarma

Are you now interested to avail this franchise? Now getting this food cart franchise has an easy process. All you have to do is to set-up an appointment with a food cart franchise agent.

Why Filtrepreneur Offers Low Capital Business?

Truth is, in the Philippines, getting a full time office job is not that simple. There are a huge competition, thus giving those graduates a hard time to get a job. And in fact, having a full time job with a minimum pay salary here is not enough to feed a family with 5 members. This is why, Filtrepreneur is teaching Filipinos on how to be Entrepreneur. Because by being one, filipinos will now have an opportunity to earn a residual income per month on their comfortable time.

So the question- can I start a business with a low investment or capital is now answered with a 100% Yes and that is gauranteed.

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author avatar Jules Castillo
30th Jan 2012 (#)

great article..are you a Filipino?

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author avatar Jules Castillo
30th Jan 2012 (#)

great article..are you a Filipino?

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author avatar Victor castro
14th Jan 2013 (#)

great idea...

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