Looking into a Store Security Camera System?

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A decent store security camera system is a must for any store dealing in easily stolen merchandise. If chosen, installed, and monitored properly, such a system will greatly aid in reducing shoplifting incidences.

Questions to ask when thinking about security cameras for your business

So what are some of the considerations necessary before purchasing a store security camera system?

First, where will you place the camera? This should be in a place that is a) aimed at your most vulnerable area(s) of the store, and b) be out of reach and preferably hidden to the average shopper.

Second, how many vulnerable areas do you have in your store? Typically, the first area is your cash register area. Many robberies are done at the till. Other areas include racks or shelves of small, pocketable items. If you sell high-end or rather expensive goods, those should be considered vulnerable areas too.

Third, what are the hours of operation at your establishment? Is your store open 24hrs a day, open 16 hours a day, or only open 8 hours a day?

Fourth, how much are you willing to pay for a decent store security camera system? While there are many brands and packages to choose from, none of them come cheap and those that do tend to have poor quality and/or few options. Keep in mind that should your system nab a shoplifter, the police will want to see evidence obtained from your camera(s).

Software and hardware considerations

Once we have those answers, it's time to plan the physical aspect of your store security camera system. The most reliable, most configurable, and most accessible systems from an administrative standpoint, are camera systems using an internal network. Some of these link into your Internet connection allowing you to manage and observe store operations from home.

Once we know where your cameras need to be placed, it's time to assess your store's internal ethernet network. Do you have an existing network for your store's computer and ECR? If so, you may already have a router, if not, you'll need a router. If the package you opt for requires ethernet cables, it's time to measure how much you will need and where it needs to plug into the router.

Once the physical aspects are figured out, it's time to purchase the needed hardware, purchase the store security camera system software, and install. Often this requires a professional trained in both camera and network installations. Upon successful completion of physical and software installs, it's time to configure the system.

Configuring your system

Depending on the store security camera system you purchased, options may range from few to many. The first option you want to look at is administration permissions. Do NOT leave your security camera system “as is” right out of the box! Criminals know to check these settings, so be sure to change them as soon as possible! Once those are set to your liking and no one can get into the system but you, it's time to configure camera views, recording settings, and whether or not you wish to access the system from home.

Considering, purchasing, installing and configuring a store security camera system, is an investment in your company's assets and personnel. Be careful, be wise, be safe.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Oct 2013 (#)

Most of these tapes have an 8-10 hour footage wherein they can be rewound and reused if there are no untoward incidents. None the less Most cameras operate on a 360 angle which means there are blind spots wherein the assailant can be hidden and evade being taped.
It is also part of the angling that is needed to to get an effective full picture frame and quality of the pixels of the camera.

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author avatar Marilynn Dawson
10th Oct 2013 (#)

You're right. Digital cameras that can be operated over the 'net now allow for storage no harddrives as opposed to the more familiar tape storage method. Up to January of this year, I worked for a company that sold the newer integrated digital camera systems. As you point out, placements is key to cut down on blind spots as much as possible.

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