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Today those who are starting up a new business online or brick and mortar use the social media to get customers. I thought it interesting to build up ways to gain new business by using links that usually work. Try some of these link ideas for your business

How to find customers in your area

Today it is very important for local business owners to get links to other websites in their areas. This is one of the best ways to get new customers. Many times a local business uses the links to find customers that they can email or send out mailings to contact perspective customers in the area. You will find many cross references to the same customers but there are businesses that will help you filter out the duplicates so you can keep an updated list of clients. It is important that you use a data base system that will mark your duplications if you are not going to use a company that will do that for you. The list should be kept updated in order to save you time and money. The following strategies help you get local links.

Top 20 links

1. Sponsorship of church organization can lead you to many leads of people in the community. You would be able not only to get prospects for your business but links to other businesses where you are able to use their links.
2. Groups like Avon, Mary K and the like need meeting places so by offering your office meeting area you are able to get links from their representatives. These representatives often have valuable customers that work in offices and they themselves work in offices or own their own businesses.
3. The city you live in might have special events like racing, eating contests, parades, flower shows etc. where you can drop in your link and come out with bunches of links from other participants.
4. Your local animal shelter has many donors and people who have adopted a pet so feel free to give to them or adopt a pet. This gives you access to many links.
5. The Mayor of your city has different boards that meet monthly and you only need to take part in one of the boards to get links. Many times there is a special board that meets about how local businesses can help improve the city. This will give you many chances to acquire links.
6. If you don’t mind speaking in public find your local college and give a lecture on marketing or leadership. You can speak to one of the night classes for about half an hour. This will get your name noticed and perhaps put into the school’s event page. Use this in order to get references to other events where you can get links.
7. Where is your business located? That can be very important when it comes to getting links. If you are in a mall of some sort check out the types of business that are around you for possible, link advantages. The chocolate shops, candle shops, boutiques, and other businesses provide a great link up resource.
8. The local library or community development center keeps a business directory. This business directory is very helpful in finding business links that you can follow for prospective clients.
9. Creativity is very important and helpful in getting links. If you have purchased art work, some precious item from an antique shop, or another specialty item take a picture of it and see if they will use it with your link embedded to link back to you.
10. When you have work done on your home or business give them a great testimony and see if they will link back to your website.
11. Perhaps you live in an apartment complex giving a raving testimony on how good the apartment complex is and its many features. The owners might be willing to put your link on their website.
12. Using a maid service for your home can be very beneficial if they will let you give them a testimony and put your link on their website.
13. Those who use a maintenance service for their business can let you give them a testimonial in exchange for your link on their website.
14. Some businesses use Security Systems and this is a great place to give a testimony as they might put your link on their website.
15. Used a catering service lately give them a glowing review for a link. Most of these places really relish a good review and are anxious to help you with a link.
16. Those who remove your trash are an excellent resource to exchange your link just by giving them a good review.
17. Travel Agencies are a great place to exchange links because if you have gone on vacation they love getting reviews on how they help you with your trip.
18. The school photographer is a great place to exchange links with a good review. Most school photographers are local and have access to many different clients.
19. Insurance Agents can help you by sharing their links but get the local link instead of the nationwide link because it be more beneficial for your purpose.
20. Real Estate Agents work in the same manner as they have access to many of the local people especially those who are moving into your town. Exchange links with their local page.

The next 50 links

21. The delivery of fresh coffee’s, donuts, or lunch carts to your office can be helpful just give them a good testimonial for a link.
22. Today there are local delivery companies that bring groceries, restaurant foods, etc. to your home or business give them a testimony for a link.
23. You will find rental companies in your town where you can get furniture, computers, and other items trade links with these companies.
24. Service providers like the local electricians, plumbers, painters, and movers would be willing to give you a link for a testimony on their services.
25. You will find that if you provide a testimonial to a local copywriter they will put you in their client’s tab links.
26. Used the services of local hiring agency to get employee’s link up with them.
27. Find the sites of independent inspectors or appraisers link up with them.
28. Used a computer company to train your employees in programs like excel an excellent place to link.
29. Other professionals like masseuse, therapists, psychologists, or grief counselors get the link from them.
30. General contractors are a good resource for links like those who do carpets, tile, and other handy work around your home or office.
31. Landscaping is a very big business get the link.
32. Auto dealers especially if you have purchased a vehicle from the dealership for the business get the link.
33. IF you have hired a local design firm get the link.
34. Used any special facility for your company’s happy hour get the link.
35. Beauty Shops and Barbershops get the link
36. Lawn Care Maintenance for those who cut the grass get the link
37. Shoe repair shops get the link
38. Jewelry Stores that both sell and repair your jewelry get the link
39. Pawn Shops that buy anything or just gold get the link
40. Local Union Boards for major factories like Auto, Retail etc. get the links
41. Ethnic Grocery Stores that are locally owned get the link
42. Local ethnic Restaurants get the link
43. Laundry Mats that are self-serve get the link
44. Dry Cleaners locally owned and operated get the link
45. Auto Mechanic Shops and Service Stations get the link
46. Auto Parts Shops that just sell the parts get the link
47. Bicycle Shops for motorcycles get the link
48. Bicycle Shops for children’s bicycle get the link
49. Souvenir Shops that sell for your cities special events like Tulip Time get the link
50. City tourism during special events get the link

The last 120 links

51. Better Business Bureau get the link
52. Local Catholic Churches and their organizations get the link
53. Local Church Organizations that do volunteer work
54. Children and Toddler Shops that specialize in certain sizes get the link
55. Baby Shops that sell clothes and furniture get the link
56. Data Base Businesses get the link
57. Health Care Facilities get the link
58. Camp grounds get the link
59. RV dealers who both sell and rent get the link
60. Camping Equipment Shops get the link
61. Fish and Wild Life Shops get the link
62. Tupperware Wholesalers get the link
63. Local Cell Phone Shops get the link
64. City Volunteer Organizations get the link
65. Lions Club get the link
66. Eagles Club get the link
67. Local Country Clubs get the link
68. Yacht Clubs get the link
69. Golf Country Clubs get the link
70. Tailors or seamstress get the link
71. Copying and faxing shops get the links
72. Lighting Fixture shops get the links
73. Rental Car especially the local get the link
74. Rent-to-Own shops get the link
75. Child Care Facilities get the link
76. Adult Foster Care facilities get the link
77. Wedding Planners get the link
78. Accounting Offices get the link
79. Locally owned nail shops get the link
80. Local television repair shops get the link
81. Candy or confectionary shops get the link
82. Liquor Shops get the link
83. Bakery Shops get the link
84. Cab Companies get the link
85. Thrift Stores get the link
86. Dentists get the link
87. Podiatry get the link
88. Botox Doctors get the link
89. Weight watcher groups get the link
90. Dance Studios get the link
91. Karate Studios get the link
92. Detail Shops get the link
93. Movie Theaters get the link
94. Bowling Alley’s get the link
95. Local Baseball Team get the link
96. Board of Education get the link
97. Hair Styling School get the link
98. Google for local businesses that carry your cities name and get their link
99. Garden Shops get the link
100. Specialty Bra Shops get the link
101. Diaper Delivery Service get the link
102. Mail Out Services get the link
103. Funeral Homes get the link
104. Funeral Arrangers get the link
105. Chauffer Service get the link
106. Bar Tender Service get the links
107. Professional Magician get the link
108. Barbershop quartets get the link
109. Performing Animal Acts get the link
110. Party Planners for any occasion get the link
111. Dog walkers get the link
112. Pet groomers get the link
113. Sewing Machine Shops get the link
114. Vacuum Cleaner Dealers in shop get the link
115. Vacuum Cleaner Dealers who are reputable sales people who go door to door
116. Putt-Putt Golf Course get the link
117. Batting cage courses get the link
118. Shooting range get the link
119. Children Speed Car tracks get the link
120. Theme parks and amusement park centers

Use the above links to grown your business

The above list will give you access to just about everyone who lives in your city and the surrounding areas. The link building strategies only work if you keep them updated. This takes a lot of work on your part but a good data entry system and data entry clerk can cut down on your work. You will be able to keep your mailings to a minimum using email for a lot of your notifications and advertisement. Most people prefer email however there is still a multitude of people who do not use the internet. You find that it is to your advantage to still use mail outs to contact some people in your community.
Once you have gotten your links then you can make a strategic plan of action where you contact some clients on a regular weekly basis keeping them updated via email. Some of your clients you will only want to contact on a monthly basis via email. Then there are those clients that you can only reach by regular mail. These clients might need more than one mailing a month if you have coupons or special offers. Use your links to clients wisely for great results with a happy ending for business success.


Business success today depends on the strategy used to get links from other websites that will make it possible to get new clients. It is a different type of method because of social media. Many people work from their website instead of using mail outs and the newspaper. Today it is possible to send out different coupons, advertisements, invitations etc. through the email. It is not only quicker but cheaper. The bulk mail outs are expensive because you have to create, copy, make mail out labels and pay for postage. Today a person can create a flyer and send via email in bulk form. Local link building strategies might be time consuming in the start but it pays off time and again for the business owner.


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