Li Ka-shing Work ethic- six uncooperative & seven disjoint

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Li Ka-shing GBM, KBE, JP (born 29 July 1928 in Chaozhou, China) is a Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, these Work ethic make him the richest person in Asia

Li Ka-shing Work ethic- six uncooperative & seven disjoint

1, do not cooperate with the desires of the people too, because they can not see other people pay, only care about their own gains and losses and results.

2, do not cooperate with people who do not have a sense of mission, because they make money for the purpose.

3, does not cooperate with the impersonal, because together will be unhappy.

4, does not cooperate with the negative energy of people, because they will consume your positive energy.

5, did not cooperate with the principle of life, because they think that is the principle of life and earn interest.

6, not without gratitude to cooperate with people, because people will inevitably ingrate negative meaning.

do not pay

1, lack of filial piety to parents who can not pay!

2, mean man who can not pay!
Disrespectful, outspoken, man not her husband, doing things not Care, these people tend to hurt others, how can we associate with?

3, preoccupied people can not pay!
Everything preoccupied with fear of his own hurt, steal personal gain machine, playing petty, it can only seem to take advantage of the mentality of Enron, what should intersect?

4, I do not know the respect of the people can not pay!
Saying said: to reciprocate. All things come and go, you respect my foot, I respect you ten feet, and then drip grace Yongquan, ask for selfish villain only knew why intersect!

5, good flatterers can not pay!
These types are often both ways, Olivetti Wang Yi, this is more than selfish, nonsense Villains, is the most dangerous man in life, must not be taken lightly, how can we know its intersection fortune?

6, dignitaries unprincipled not pay!
Man have their own dignity and personality, or officials, or civilians, or wealthy or poor, are flesh and blood, not looking up to others sniffing breath, nor overlook others make groveling, the gap with the larger why intersect.

7, no compassion who can not pay!
Either hearted vicious, selfish or Chao Chao, the company of such people as the wolf as partners.

to pay the four friends

1, pay an appreciation of your friends, when you are destitute comfort you to help you.

2, pay a positive energy friend, when you're feeling down with you to encourage you.

3, lead the way for you to pay a friend, volunteer to be your stepping stone, take you through the mud, fog.

4, pay a willing criticize your friends, remind you, supervise you, so you always found wanting.


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