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There are many management styles out there, and some are more effective for certain types of people. But what are some general rules of thumb for being a leader in your business? Read on and find out.

Take Responsibility

When things are your duty, they need to get done. Set an example for your employees to show that being responsible is not only professional, but respectable. People who take on responsibility and fulfill their duties gain the respect and authority that is deserved.

What not to do? Pass on your responsibilities to those under you. Yes, it's true that as a manager you are able to delegate tasks that need to get done. However if they are YOUR tasks, do them. Nothing is worse than a manager who pushes all their tasks onto employees who already have their own agenda and priorities.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

People love to be recognized for their hard work. Are your employees staying late or coming in early to make the business work? Acknowledge this. These are things that they don't technically HAVE to do, but they are doing them to help you and the business thrive. This is definitely worth crediting.

Use small gifts (gift cards, thank you gift baskets, snacks or cookie bouquets, extra vacation time) to show your employees that you are grateful for their hard work. People don't need extravagant gifts to feel appreciated. Even a sincere 'Thank you' usually does a trick. Tell them how great of a job they have done and that you are really glad that you have them.

Take One For The Team

Are there trouble customers? Maybe an employee is having a really hard time with a customer and they can't seem to figure it out. Step in and help them out. You're the manager and typically have the experience to solve the problem. Don't watch them stress out and get frustrated with the situation, it's not worth it and they'll learn more from watching you than they will by struggling.

Is it 4:00pm and your employee hasn't even taken a lunch yet because they've been swamped? This shouldn't happen on an everyday basis, if it is - consider hiring another employee. But in the case that it's a busy day, relieve your employee. Step up and take over for a little bit so that they can rejuvenate and relax. There's no point pushing your employees to the max, because not only will they not be performing at their full potential but they won't exactly admire your management skills if they never get a break from working all day long.

Respect The Employees

Show your employees that you respect them by asking their opinion. Maybe there's been problems with the logistics of how things are running. Who knows about the everyday hustle and bustle than the employee at the front line? Ask them their thoughts and you'll be surprised at the solutions they come up with.

By showing your employees that you care about their opinions, they'll be more apt to telling you how things are going and if there are any other problems that maybe you hadn't thought of before. Respect their opinions and them as people. Everyone has their own strengths, let those strengths play to their advantage in the workplace by not forcing them to conform to specific (and usually outdated) agendas.


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