Lessons Learned From Celebrity Entrepreneurs

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Gaining inspiration from successful business entrepreneurs starts with looking at people who are making headlines in today's media outlets. If you watch television or read magazines you will see the famous celebrities who are branding themselves. You can learn from these superstars about how to develop a following through social media for greater exposure for your business online.

How Celebrities Use Branding to Sell Products

As a student of entrepreneurship you will want to take note of how famous people are using their superstar status to connect with people and promote products they endorse. Big brand companies know the power that these celebrities have with the general public.

How many times have you decided to purchase something because you liked the person who was in the advertisement? The same is true with the face on the brand for popular consumer products such as footwear, swimwear, beverages, or tech gadgets.

Name Recognition and Brand Awareness
As you are probably aware celebrities make money from endorsements. You can relate that to us being an affiliate for products, we get paid whenever anyone purchases through our link. Imagine if we were in film or tv and people saw us everyday we would naturally become the spokesperson for various companies products.

The goal of this analogy is to emphasis the power of name recognition when someone associates a brand to a product they are more likely going to buy it as well as share that experience with everyone in their circle of influence.

Lets discuss how this can benefit your online web business and what we can learn from watching high profile individuals.

Learn About Trends From Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Running a business can be hard work, especially if we don't have any idea what people will buy or what products will solve their problems. As an entrepreneur you have the privilege of being the one who offers that solution to your niche audience.

One area that you can use for your product research is popular celebrity magazines found in most bookstores or shopping malls. The purpose of this exercise is to see what is trending in various industries such as fashion, technology, hobbies, home decor and more.

I will give you an example of what I mean, Kim Kardashian had worn a wedding dress on television designed by Vera Wang, later that dress was showcased on the cover of People magazine. Anyone who was a fan of Kim K had the opportunity to purchase a replica wedding dress just like the one Kim Kardashian wore for Eonline. By the way although Kim ended up divorcing the ball player, Vera Wang still sold the replica wedding dresses inspired by the Kardashians.

Adopting Trends for Business Ideas
As a person who wants to start a business, you may be looking for ideas. I would suggest that it would be in your best interest to keep up with what is happening in the media space. One practical reason is that it will give you a hint to what people are wanting to buy.

Another example has to do with the various new clothing lines being started by actors, singers and runway models today. What you can do is as soon as you hear that a famous person is going to be designing a new fashion brand then you can look at who the consumer demographic is going to be. Is this fashion line going to be targeting babies, teens, moms, seniors, or plus-size woman?

Then once you know the answer to that question you can start looking at things you can incorporate in your home-based business or ecommerce store that will also target that same group of consumer with your related and similar product line. From my experience this little tip will make it much easier for you to succeed as a newbie business owner.

Using Celebrity Trends in Your Ecommerce Business

So far we have talked about the power of brand recognition and how celebrities have put the face on many products that consumers buy everyday. As a entrepreneur you can take those tips and use them when setting up your online ecommerce store.

If you are promoting fashion jewelry or other fashion accessories such as hats and scarfs you can take a look at your favorite celebrity magazine and see which entertainer is wearing your product. It does not have to be the same exact one but if you can match up the idea behind your commercial webstore you can entice readers by showing comparisons between price points and design to help them make a buying decision.

You have probably seen websites that show you how to dress for less or how to look like your wearing an expensive outfit even though you found the items on discount. You can do the same thing by accessorizing your webpage with affordable fashion pieces that resemble the same outfit you saw a TV star wearing on the red carpet or on a movie interview.

Brand Your Business with Social Media Marketing
It will take some creativity on your part to make it work but that is the great thing about working from home, you can use all the resources available to you to be successful in your business venture. This also includes using social media marketing, as you have noticed plenty of celebrities are on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram posting images, connecting and talking with fans. You can do the same thing in your marketing to help brand yourself and your web store.

We can learn alot from famous people, in areas such as how they dress, where they go on vacation and what type of technology they use because if you use this information on your website it can greatly influence how your customers chose to buy from your online store over your competitors.

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25th Aug 2013 (#)

Now I observe the industry and accordingly design my way to market myself and it includes fashion too. Be shrewd and observe the demand and supply, know the budget and contingencies and learn its not one size fits all but customised marketing to get the target audience you wish.Each nation is different learn them and tailor your work accordingly.

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30th May 2016 (#)

An interesting topic, many thanks for sharing.

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