Knowledge and Information That Empowers

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Everyone within an organization, including those on the lowest level, should have some understanding of the company’s goals and objectives

Knowledge and Information That Empowers

What kind of information should you give your people so they will have the power they need to do the job? Here is a partial list of information, which should be given to every person within the company on an ongoing basis.

Company Goals and Objectives
Everyone within an organization, including those on the lowest level, should have some understanding of the company’s goals and objectives. Goals and objectives are the key to giving people a sense of pride and purpose. If communicated properly, the company goals can be a strong unifying force. They can be the glue that holds the team together. Unless there is a clear understanding of the company goals and objectives, there can be no teamwork. Without a common goal, people have no reason to come together in a spirit of cooperation.

Company and Department Plans
It’s not enough for people to know the goals and objectives of the company and department. They must also know the plan. The goals are the destination. The plan is the path by which the team arrives at the destination. Giving people goals without giving them the plan is like telling them where to go without telling them how to get there. There are usually a thousand and one ways to arrive at a single objective. Unless everyone is working from the same plan, chances are the team will never arrive. If the team doesn’t arrive at its objectives, neither will the individual.

People are powerless in their ability to establish a sound realistic plan for themselves if they don’t understand the plans of the company and department.

Information from Other Areas
There must be a sharing of information across departmental lines if the people in the various departments are to achieve their individual goals, the goals of their departments, and ultimately the goals of the company.

Everyone who works within a company either works in a line or a staff position. By line we mean those people who produce the product or service, sell the product or service, or account for the company’s finances. By staff we mean those people who support the people who work in the line. The staff people cannot support the people in the line unless they understand their objectives, plans, activities, and needs. Likewise, the people in the line cannot make good, sound decisions unless they receive the necessary information and support from the staff.

If a company is to achieve its objectives, it cannot function as a collection of independent entities working in isolation from one another. There must be a mutual sharing of information and a respect for one another’s needs. The success of one department is dependent on the success of all the others. The power that an individual has to perform his job is dependent to a large degree on the information and support he is able to obtain from other areas.

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