Kanban vs Scrum – Which Framework Is Ideal For Agile Software Development?

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Kanban and Scrum are the two leading frameworks in Agile Software Development. Check out the key differences between the two, and decide which one is the most appropriate Agile framework for your software project – Kanban or Scrum?

Kanban vs Scrum – Which Framework Is Ideal For Agile Software Development?

In the ever-evolving technological landscape, keeping your software up-to-date is highly imperative. New technologies bring along new trends and to keep up with those changing trends is a challenging task for enterprises. That’s where the agile software development approach can come to your rescue. The Agile software approach emphasizes on small and incremental software releases instead of a single, large release at the end.

It offers significant benefits to both developers and enterprises who adapt to the latest development practices. It helps an enterprise to reduce overall development time, costs and efforts which otherwise can be utilized in transforming a software that’s inflexible and unadaptable. With the Agile development process, it is easier to incorporate changes in the software and accomplish the project rapidly. So, here we compare the two most popular frameworks widely used for implementing the Agile software development process when pursuing dot net app development – Kanban and Scrum.

What is Kanban?
Kanban is a widely known visual framework for implementing the Agile methodology. The framework instructs you on when to produce, what to produce and how much to produce. Basically, it’s a technique that helps a developer manage the software development process effectively. It encourages small, incremental changes to your existing system without requiring a certain setup or procedure.

What is Scrum?
Scrum, created by Jeff Sutherland in 1993, is another most popular framework for implementing Agile processes. It is an iterative software development model for managing complex software development projects. Fixed-length iterations, called sprints last one to two weeks long and enable the developers to ship the software on a regular cadence. Scrum follows a specific set of roles, responsibilities, and meetings that cannot change. At the end of each sprint, a meeting is held among stakeholders and team members to strategize next steps.

The Differences Between Kanban & Scrum

a.) Specific roles – Scrum requires specific roles whereas Kanban doesn’t.

b.) Timeboxed iterations – Scrum is a timeboxed based process, combining planning, process enhancement, and release. Whereas in Kanban, you can perform these activities on a regular cadence or whenever required.

c.) Accommodates changes – Kanban easily accommodates and embraces change. You can add or change stories the way you like, assuming it’s within the Work-in-Progress limits. On the contrary, Scrum resists change. Once the team has committed stories to a sprint, Scrum restricts you from adding additional stories later on.

d.) Estimation – Kanban doesn’t require estimation whereas Scrum does.

e.) Cross-functional teams – In Kanban, anyone can own the Kanban board so the teams don’t need to be cross-functional. In Scrum, a team has to be cross-functional as the Scrum board is owned by a single team.

f.) Continuous use of the board – In Kanban, the board is used continuously. Whereas in Scrum, the board is reset after each sprint.

g.) Limits WIP – Kanban limits the work-in-progress in each workflow while Scrum limits it in each iteration.

While both the frameworks favor Agile, Kanban is ideal small businesses where communication gap is less likely to occur. It offers good agility for software development process. Scrum, on the other hand, is ideal for large businesses where there’s possibility of large communication gaps. It should be adopted when the product is its development phase and when you’re surveying customers to identify whether your product is a right fit for the target market. Which one is the most appropriate Agile framework for your software project – Kanban or Scrum? Let us know your views in the comments area below.


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