Is your business growing? Support it with an adequate file hosting service.

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It is with optimism and a lot of ambition that business owners set forth in the establishing themselves, with a lot of focus on objectives and scope for growth of the business as such.

Is your business growing?

While this focus keeps growing, it also becomes imperative to accommodate all round infrastructural support for the business to grow and bring in revenues. Now this begins with data management, the crucial support function to carry on normal functioning of the business. Consider the following-
It is common that your email service provider is unable to accommodate a large file to be sent via email due to administrator pre set capacity limits. Now this causes a lot of hassle in terms of productive time being wasted or the sheer frustration of being unable to project your efforts! You try work around such as attempting to divide the enormous file into a number of smaller documents that fall within the set capacity limits; practically leading to more confusion or possibly an incomplete file being shared. It is here that the concept of file hosting/sharing services takes over. File hosting services are those web sites which are structured to host content most usually large files that can be accessed from any location. The objective here is to allow you to quickly upload a large file and replace it with a download link in return which can be shared with anyone you wish to extend access to. All that you need to access this file will be internet connectivity. The word hosting in this concept indicates the fact that it is only user data that is exclusively stored in the back end; this stored data may belong to one or more users which can be retrieved or accessed later via a unique FTP or HTTP.

File hosting supports any kind of data format ranging from images to audio/video file to software manuals, tutorials or even e-books. File storage providers offer file hosting services usually with a monthly or an annual subscription fee with an assigned storage capacity as well. File hosting services provide the following benefits-

•Flexibility to access data anywhere anytime- these hosting websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Physical storage devices need not be lugged around for the sake of sharing information.
•File hosting services automatically function as your ready backup option; you can use it to store an extra copy of your files. Most hosting domains offer enormous storage spaces for you to be able to store large amounts of data .You may make use of the same to make an extra copy of all your data and retain the link to download as and when required.
•Ease of use and sharing; most of these hosting sites have video and written tutorials and the clear straightforward instructions; there is no real hassle of having to train staff to make use of this facility.
•Uploading data on such online website eliminates the risk of virus or any other tampering of data. Your data is secure with most file hosting sites having additional safety measures in place so as to ensure privacy and safety of its users.
•Loss of files is relatively high when saved in local computers due to issues such as failure of operating system or disk failure. Storage of files via file hosting services minimizes such risks.
•Opting for this service makes way for more web space to be made available to upload any other type of larger files, such as JPG, GIF, MPEG, MPG, ASP, JSP, XLS, MS Word etc.
•File hosting service allows sharing of links easily and thus it becomes easy to embed/ upload in social networking sites, given the growing popularity of such sites.

File hosting service is one of the most easiest and predominantly risk free means to manage your business data, however one major consideration which needs attention in security of confidential data. It is important to bear in fact the aspect that it is through the third party server, the files are hosted and later being made available for use. It is therefore advisable to use the required discretion before sharing confidential files pertaining to the business with the file sharing host. The benefit of using this form of managing business data reigns high over one or two possible hurdles this service may have.


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13th May 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Vakis
21st May 2014 (#)

Thank you Fern

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author avatar Retired
20th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for the new info but with the rate at which cybercriminals attack computer users, is it legit to use the link?

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author avatar Vakis
21st May 2014 (#)

It is perfectly legit to use the above link. The posts go through a process of scrutiny along with links before it is displayed.

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