Is the Revival of British Manufacturing Here to Stay?

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British made products used to be found all over the world, renowned for excellent quality and design. Globalization played a big part in outsourcing much manufacturing away from the UK, leading to a serious drop in British made goods. Now, years later British made products are seeing a revival, but how will this market continue to succeed in the modern global landscape?

Is the Revival of British Manufacturing Here to Stay?

For years British made goods have had a worldwide reputation for being some of the best in quality and design, from ships to shoes the UK produced it all. But a combination of factors has led to the near death of British manufacturing, namely Thatcher making efforts to cut manual jobs and move towards jobs that are the product of people’s brains and not their hands. But you can’t keep a good man down and it was not long until British made goods began to re-emerge almost as popular as ever. In part driven by the recession and people’s desire to invest in quality products that would last rather than keep replacing poorly made goods, British manufacturing was back. Some businesses had endured through the hard times and some were British manufacturers entirely new on the scene.

I want to take a look at how two major markets in UK manufacturing, fashion and furniture, have revived, survived and even thrived.

Fashion in the UK: A New Era

The British fashion industry is flourishing as a result of great names which have endured, quality materials which are made in the UK and trends within the fashion and technology industries. Quality materials like Harris Tweed are a product of the excellent farming land and rich farming heritage in the UK. As a result, many slightly rarer breeds of animals which produce excellent quality raw materials are expertly farmed in the UK.

The access to quality and rare raw fashion materials combined with the expert manufacturing knowledge derived from a long history of craftsmanship creates the perfect storm for a UK heritage fashion revival. But there’s a relatively new development driving the growth of UK-made fashion which is propelling small, new brands. This market change is born from advancements in technology which allow new UK-made fashion brands to market themselves to a wide audience and sell over the internet. Websites like Etsy which can allow crafters to sell on a very small scale their own made goods or directory style websites like Make it British which showcase a variety of brands large and small so that people who are passionate about buying British made goods can find what they’re looking for.

The Furniture Boom

The furniture industry is another industry which was world renowned for quality British made goods. Of course there are many countries around the world that make excellent quality furniture in beautiful designs. Britain became notorious for furniture around the Victorian era in light of the industrial revolution when new machinery made it possible to produce furniture on a large scale. Of course at this time furniture production using machinery was considered to be the height of technology and design.

This tradition of furniture being made in the UK has continued with a revival of new young talent joining old established names and again accessing a wide audience online.

Another great way in which UK manufacturing has seen a revival is by companies offering a particular range of products which are made in the UK. This seems like an excellent idea to me as it does not mean that the entire business model has to revolve around a higher cost of production but can still help keep the tradition of British made goods alive. Here is a great example of one furniture manufacturer which sells both products made globally and bespoke handmade contemporary sofas which are made in the UK, using materials which are also made in the UK.

If you’re passionate about buying British made furniture and keeping tradition alive, take a look at the British Furniture Confederation to get more information and a top list of British made brands.

What does the future hold for UK Manufacturers?

In my opinion finding new ways of reviving British manufacturing in the modern global landscape is key to its continued survival.

With technology and companies pushing the boundaries and a growing global hunger for UK made goods I can only predict that this is an industry that will continue to grow, only maybe not in the traditional ways we may have expected it to.

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