Is it only really costing your boss for you to work?

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Most people have jobs, It is thought that you extend yourself a bit, and they hand you over a little pay check.. They think the only costs associated with work is what you earn for your work, But here I am going to outline the costs that it costs you to work,

No matter how you get to work it costs you

You may not think about it, but going to work costs you money as well as you being paid to work.

Think about it:

If you go by bus, train or car, it is going to cost you. Driving your car to work is a lot of money. For example, there is the gasoline. It is estimated that you will spend $67 a month a month is transportation or gasoline just to get to work and home. Then with gasoline it will cost you more a month as you have to go to the supermarket, take the kids places and numerous other things in your car. And those places require gasoline. Just to get to work it will cost you $3,484 just for gasoline.

To take a lunch or not>

Some people who go to work might not have a kitchen at their workplace. The meaning of this is you won't have access to a refrigerated place to put your meal. Unless you are happy with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you will probably not bring your lunch to work. That means unless you don't go out to eat then you don't get lunch. But the average worker who goes out to lunch every day will spend $29 a week for lunch.It costs a lot to eat lunch out a year will spend $1,508,

Coffee at the coffee shop

Then don't forget those people who spend between $8-$10 dollars a week on coffee at a coffee shop. That I think can be left out as you can make coffee at home with a big can of coffee costing what you would pay for a week of coffee at a coffee shop. You'll probably be able to drink it for a month for what you would pay a day of fancy coffee. You could end up spending $520 a year of regular coffee.. It could cost a fortune if you got a latte, or an espresso every day. If you have one in the morning before work and one other time during work to keep up the caffeine and your energy you are looking at mortgaging the house for your coffee habit!

More associated driving costs

When you drive to work, it is more than just gasoline you have to pay to get to work. There are also for some people who have to pay to park at a parking garage if you work in a big downtown area. There is also the depreciation that happens to your car. Remember as soon as you buy that new car as soon as you drive it out of that parking lot it depreciates. There is also the inspection you much you pay to make sure your car is safe enough to drive on the road. Then there is the oil that you have to change every so often. A lot of people go to a mechanic that costs money. Even if you can do it yourself, you have to buy the oil.

Day care and after school care

What if you have kids and your husband and you have to both work? If you have a toddler and nobody to watch that toddler, then you may have to pay daycare costs. These daycare costs can be expensive. If your children are school age, you may have to pay the school for an after school program until you can pick them up after work. Or you may have somebody else pick them up at five or six in the evening.


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author avatar brendamarie
11th Aug 2015 (#)

I have notice that your costs are on the lower side. One of the reason that I am a stay at home mother is because we figured it out and it would cost me more to work than it would if I stayed at home.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Working from home looks a better alternative though income could be less - siva

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