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Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase your productivity.

Manage your time.

If we do not respect the importance of time, we can't achieve big things in life. If you can't complete a designated task within deadline than it is time to change, and change in our self is particularly important. Have you ever realized how people get the task completed on the same time as it is allocated for us? Time management strategies reduce stress, Bad time management is not an organized way of life. You need to plan your life and priorities to work.

Simple tips to get organised :

  • Time is precious. Every second is important. Do not hook to your computer to check E-mail or spend more time to talk with a co-worker unnecessary, try to focus on pending work and get it done as quickly as you can.

  • It is important to keep the schedule at work: Write or log your task. Strike the task when it is completed during the day. This gives you the sense of what is real achievement , and help you to manage your time based on prioritize your work.

  • Prioritize Your Work: This is one of the most important time management techniques that will help manage time. Keep the unimportant tasks for the end of the day and complete the major work early as possible.

  • Learn To Say 'NO': Do not get tempted to anything other than the tasks on your hand.

  • Delegation of Work: You can always delegate your work to your subordinates. Simple tasks that can be completed by the juniors can be passed on. It will take off a load from your schedule and develop a sense of responsibility to your juniors.

  • Focus On The Quality: Complete your work with concentration and dedication.

  • Eat healthy food and drink water. Healthy Body will cause your optimal health and healthy brain will improve the efficiency to complete work on time.

  • self-evaluation: Ask yourself have you completed the work in time or are you still looking for any excuses?

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Thanks for guidance...
Tips are valuable...
nice sharing

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