In support of local businesses

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Governments or local councils should help young people to establish their own small shop and it'd be a way to get out of unemployment.

In support of local businesses

During one of my last strolls in the area where I live, I spotted a small shop that sells all kinds of legumes, rice, pasta, nuts, dehydrated wild mushrooms and a good variety of aromatic herbs and spices to suit a gourmet's likes. However, the best thing of this shop is that they sell everything in bulk. They will sell you the quantity one needs or can afford and as if one can only buy a hundred grammes of something. This is very handy contrary to supermarket policy in selling everything by kilogrammes. We sometimes don't need this much and the legumes will most probably get dry if we aren't using them often enough.
It is a very simple shop, (*) but a pleasure to go inside to see the different legumes and rice in sacks. The aromatic herbs and spices show boldly in glass jars on shelves and so are the varied nuts or the pasta.
It is ran by two friendly guys that will sell us whatever one needs or wishes and needless to say that all of their produce are ecologic and of good quality. They won't use plastic to wrap them, but paper bags.
Seeing this type of business, I thought why others can't start similar ones. Many of us are fed up with big supermarkets and their chains of distribution. These are killing small businesses and traditional agriculture. Even if one thinks big supermarkets are cheap, they aren't and more often than not their quality is far from being good.
Governments and local councils should support people to establish their own and small enterprises with useful and necessary items for everyday living. It would be a way to to get people out of unemployment.
On the contrary, we see that big shops are taking over against small shops that have always been handy and nearby one's home. There's even a lot more friendliness in a small shop than there is in a big one. In a big supermarket or shop, we'll come across moody cashiers or employees that are way too pressed up to talk with customers or to attend their queries. This won't happen in a small shop that will most probably be managed by the proprietor and perhaps one or two assistants.
Do you think it's cheaper shopping in a big shop than it is in a small one? Think it again. I've tried both ways and the difference was some more cents, but there is a big difference in quality and on treatment to the customer.
If one thinks that the big shops and supermarkets create jobs, they are not. Or, they hardly create some stable ones. They're likely to dismiss or to make people redundant whenever suits them best. Not all supermarket or big shop staff earn good money, but all of them are pressed up and sometimes bullied by the management (If you don't like it here, go! There are others to hire!)
This is in support of small businesses that are handy for people and would take many people out of unemployment.
(*) This shop is in fact like one of those old grocery shops that abounded before the big ones took over and condemn the small ones to closure.

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19th Nov 2015 (#)

For the sake of the local economy it is better for people to shop at small businesses as well as to eat at locally owned restaurants.

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