Important Aspects of Sales Page Design

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Elementary as it seems, designing a sales page is more difficult when one sits down to it. You have to keep the interest of the buyer within the page, right until he makes the payment and for some time beyond that too. Let us see how a good sales page sould be designed.

Selling hot cakes to the hungry is more difficult

The Internet has opened the heavens to the impossible and to the person who would persevere. You can do anything you want because software exists for everything. For a unique sales page design, you may use spelling checker, keyword density checker, pagerank checker, link checker and check a variety of other related things while you relax and wait for the results. Not exactly, for sales depends on how long and how persistently you have been on the ball. While “impossible heavens” has seen its long list of lip-smackers, it has kindled the imagination of the keen sales representative. Why should we not take the stable to the horse? Why wait for rainclouds when we may pour the water ourselves?

Making of a Sales Page

Sales page is that interface on the Internet, where the surfer comes to know about your product and decides on buying it, nothing else. No “later”, no “is that so” of even “let us think about it”. Here are some essential requisites of an effective sales page and it design.

a) Outlines your product
b) Creates interest in the product
c) Convinces the reader that he or she must have the product
d) Has effective communication boxes or fields for customer interaction like order boxes, payment scripts, and contact forms.

Important facets of sales page design

One particular decision decides every sale and your sales page makes that decision. It grabs the attention of the reader, it shows why your product is superior and then tells him or her how to acquire that particular item without losing time or effort. For this reason we design the sales pages which has good balance between graphics and text to achieve the following.
a) Maintain the interest of the reader: Surfers would just skim the page and pass on unless something held their attention. A good sales page design would provide something of interest, some picture or joke that will keep the reader engrossed.
b) Make it seem different: Prospective customers would turn down the offer however good if they have read something like that before.
c) Selling technique: No product is unique, only the salesmanship is. So, show what the best things are right at the very beginning.
d) Do not let the worm escape: Jumble up the options a little bit, payment, possession whatever when the choice comes to the customer, just keep him guessing. It is primary in good sales page design.
e) Learn a couple of phrases: Talk in his mother tongue; means you talk his language.
f) Do not compromise: Put the matter in perspective, tomorrow will be too late. “Act now”, is the message one gets.
g) Keep your page attractive: Design this web page so that it looks pretty and does not have glaring or garish colors or pictures. A sales page design is a success when an average surfer should be willing to spend some time going through the content.

Relook at selling

Selling is like a river, unless you go along, you will find yourself waddling alone. Dunking the bread at the right time will save a lot of hardship, especially if the person is an average person who is not used to the technicalities of hectic online buying and selling.

Buyer perspective – Ego

People like to project themselves as the sophisticate, the mature person, one who can make instant decisions on any topic, including exploding meteors on the other side of the galaxy, and never make a mistake. Keep this as the underlying theme for your sales page, never admit that anyone is anyone is better than they are and you will have a sale.

Mention the closure of the sales

Close the sale immediately, right at the beginning of the sales page, put in the word that it is all over. They have bought the product and made payment for it. Many people will not read further. Keep repeating this through the page, many will be convinced after they read that the sales is concluded two or three times.

Keep the entire sales appetizing

For those who persevere until the end, you can save a little surprise. Say, a little extra by way of discount or an extra tit-bit thrown in. Of course, the beauty of the sales page design is that though it seems frivolous, it is there for everyone. Life is like a red rose, a sale is like a thorn. In this continuum of life, tact is selling the thorn using the beauty and color of the rose.

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