Importance of bills and receipts

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On the abuse of these Internet and telephone companies that using new technology will take a chance to harass to those users that wish to leave.

Importance of bills and receipts

In some countries, there may be companies that are still straightforward and they still care for their clients, but in others, they won't. For such companies that won't care a s... for their clients or users, all what matters for them is sales at all costs. We aren't clients anymore, but cattle that come and go. If one goes, they seem to think, another will come to us, but before he leaves us, let's put it a bit difficult for them, trying to grab a bit of extra cash from their pockets.
This is it. With the help of new technology, these abusive companies think they can get away with their deeds.
I'd arranged to have Internet connection and a telephone with a company. For about three years, all was fine with them, but my troubles started when I called them up to tell them that I wished to leave. I was short of cash and I couldn't afford to go on having their services. By the end of that month, they cut off all the services I had contracted with them, meaning that they had accepted my notice. But on the following months, I started to receive their bills online. How could it be? I had already called them up to tell them that I was leaving them and I'd also ordered in my bank branch not to pay any more bills from them. Till on one day, I received a warning letter from their solicitors. Either you pay this amount or we'll have to take legal action, they threatened me.
How could it be? Few days after calling to them, my Internet connection and telephone line had been cut off. I hadn't had any services from them since then.
Fortunately, the issue has ended well for me, but not without having had to have a solicitor's aid to speak on my behalf with such a company.
The telephone comes handy to sort out things, but not everything can't be dealt over the phone or, at least, when it comes to tell a company that you wish to leave. What's written, stays written and one will always be able to prove in a court room what was agreed.
Do always keep good records in a folder whether in the computer or in a plastic one.
Do not mind people telling you not to mind them and to forget about them. They're a company and you or I are mere citizens and one never knows what tricks they may take out of their sleeve.
Find a solicitor that, with written prove in hand, will be able to discuss with them on your behalf. If one can't afford to pay for a solicitor, search if there's one of these organizations in defence of consumers and users.
With new technology, these white collar thieves have it very easy to trick us, but we've to be craftier than they are.
They have it very easy to establish their businesses since the Earth became sort of global village. While their head offices may be in Madrid, Paris or London, many of their employees that are eager to have work at all costs are in distant lands.
It is as simple as this for these white collar thieves, because this what they are, to abuse consumers and users of their services on a given stage.

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