How to stay Motivated in a Negative Work Environment

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We all have been there - learn how to make it easier to work in a negative environment

Motivation Starts with the Individual

Motivation in life, whether it is for your job, your home, or your dreams, always starts with the individual person. It is of course easier to be motivated if you have people surrounding you that are of equal mindsets. However, with a lot of jobs in today's environment this atmosphere simply does not exist. So, is there a formula that can make you motivated, even if your very surroundings seem to speak otherwise? Yes, there is!

Motivate your Mind

The first step is to make the decision to get motivated. Don't think of the obstacles, focus on yourself for the moment and know that it is possible to always make a bad situation better.

Visually Enhance your Work Space

Whether you have a workstation, a cubicle, or an office, add visual aids that will motivate you. It is no coincidence that most people keep pictures of their families at their desks. However, don't stop there. You could put also photos of your home there. If you don't like your present home, add pictures of a home you would like to have. Are you way overdue for a vacation? Add pictures of places you would like to go. Do you have pets? Make space for them too, nothing can make you smile more than the sweet, innocent expressions of our four-legged friends.

Depending on how large your space is, bring in some of the out doors. Keep fresh flowers or plants around you, if the situation permits.

What if you don't have a place of your own? Do you maybe have a locker that is your own? Decorate it in the same manner. Yes, this sounds very much like high school but who is to say that is a bad thing?

If you have a job that does not even have a locker and you share spaces or workstations with other people, get together with them and see if all of you can contribute to personalizing your lunchroom perhaps.

Keep a Record of your Accomplishments

Even the most menial, repetitive tasks (for example if you work in a factory) can be documented. Everyone makes progress. When you started in your job, perhaps you ran 20 pieces per hour. Now you run 100. Document this fact and write it down. This could be as simple as keeping a handwritten journal, or as elaborate as keeping automated spreadsheets.

Don't stop with daily tasks. In addition, this strategy can also be used for non-production jobs. Have you filled in for a sick colleague and performed extra duties? Write them down. Have you taken on extra responsibility without being asked? Document what it is that you did. Have you calmed down a difficult client and kept them from taking their business elsewhere? Make a note of it!

A lot of complaints of people in the work force are that they lack motivation because they don't get appreciated for all the daily things they do. In a perfect world other people (especially your superiors) would just be observant and compliment and reward you. However, those other individuals around you possibly lack motivation as well. So, if you document what you do not only can you see yourself as more important, when the time comes for your evaluation you will have a visual record to share of how much of an asset you are to the company. This is called self-motivation and most any boss can appreciate that.

Even if all else fails and you still don't get the recognition or end up losing your job, if you take these experiences and achievements to your next job you will already be ahead in the game.

Infect your Environment

Now that you have implemented this simple three-step program, share it with others. Start with the person that you feel closest to at work. Begin by observing them and when they do something nice, compliment them. You don't have to be anyone's superior to do this. A positive remark will make anyone's day. You are now becoming a motivator for others. Again, in a perfect world your co-workers would motivate themselves, but for a lot of people they need an outside influence to get them going.


In conclusion, usually an unmotivated environment is created by a group of people that feed off each other. All it takes is one person to come to the realization that everyone is probably waiting for someone else to take the initiative to turn a place around. You can be that someone and be the working class hero.


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author avatar j.m. raymond
31st Jul 2010 (#)

Good stuff.
One small note though, your conclusion and the preceding paragraph are the identical.

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author avatar Alexandra Heep
31st Jul 2010 (#)

oops thanks

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author avatar Alexandra Heep
31st Jul 2010 (#)

Okay it is fixed now

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author avatar j.m. raymond
31st Jul 2010 (#)

Sorry. I hated to do that, 'cause my comment can't get edited, but it is a good article and I didn't want it to hurt your page views because of that.

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author avatar Alexandra Heep
31st Jul 2010 (#)

Oh I am glad you pointed it out. I want my articles to look the best they can be.

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