How to keep it going, even on a limted budget and (seemingly) limited reality

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There is a certain mentality you must have if you want to really get things done in reality. The fantasy of how to get things done always seems easier. But, in reality there are not any fantastic short cuts, or "easy ways to do things". There is only smartly used effort, and "using what you have got" in a smart way as a genuine short cut.

Thinking about logistical reasoning, recycling efforts and supply chains

Let us bring capitalism to its lowest common denominator to understand the highest common denominator. The lowest common denominator of capitalism is recycling: Recycling bottles, cans, copper wire and the like. The supply chain for that is other people's waste and carelessly throwing away trash, and as is said: One person's trash is another person's treasure. Recycling is sort of like the lowest form of high yield junk bonds in capitalism when done right. When done wrong, let's face it: It is a garbage dump. But more seriously, since there is always recyclable trash where there are human beings using up things and getting rid of them somehow, there is always a supply chain for recycling even when there does not seem to be, for ultimately recycling depends on creatively using things again and again in better, more efficient ways.

Speaking of creativity with supply chains

Sometimes, I watch the television show "Shark Tank", although there are some great ideas on that show and not so great ideas, I understand the correlation between creative funding and the lowest and highest forms of capitalism partly through recycling and understanding how logistical and procurement business works. If there is a demand, there needs to be a supply so to speak.

The most creative supply chain starts at a grass roots level, and then ends up "normal functioning for all" really. Like Henry Ford and his cars, when the "big wigs" and rich people were saying that horses and carriages were "good enough" until they genuinely saw the practicality of cars and Henry Ford mastered the secrets of mass production to an extent that created a demand chain and made a supply chain out of "nothing". What do you think some of the greatest businesses started out as in this sense? "Nothing". Nothing but an idea and smartly used effort and salesmanship.

An idea whose time is always here

Smart effort. We all can do hard effort, spin our wheels and get nowhere. But, with smart effort, when done right, everything gets done including getting or procuring a good supply chain, and using what you have got right (logistics). As Wallace D. Wattles once said: "A salmon fishery would do badly where there are not any salmon just as an ice cream parlor would do poor business in Greenland (or to add my own touch, the Arctic where the Aleut people are, they all see enough ice and get enough ice free until climate change really does happen, if it does not, that is still true.) So, think about it, it is not an idea whose time will come, or already passed, but it is always here as a constant reality of life and existence. Two simple words: Smart effort.


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