How to keep Customers happy on the Voice Channel?

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Check out the most effective pointers that can help you in keeping your customers happy on a voice channel.

How to keep Customers happy on the Voice Channel?

In this digital era, millennial customers prefer chatbots, messaging apps, live chat, etc. to get the best customer service. However, this aspect cannot reduce the significance of the voice channel. This is so because more than 59% customers prefer to talk with a real person to get the desired service or product related solutions.

To ensure a long-term success, it is imperative to keep customers happy on all the channels. But it is said that the voice channel has been losing its charm with every passing day. However, this fact isn’t true because this is the only channel that offers a human touch.

There are some minor mistakes that call centres have been committing unintentionally while providing customer service on the voice channel and this somewhere affects the CSAT score. Therefore, it is imperative for the BPO firms to rectify all the mistakes sooner rather than later to ensure a long-term association with customers.

Do you want to keep your customers happy on the voice channel? If yes, the following pointers will make your wish come true:

Appoint the right agents
Appointing the right agents is the best and simplest way to keep current customers happy. That’s why most of the BPO firms train their agents in a way that helps in rendering the desired resolutions to multiple customers at the very same time.

It is imperative to appoint right agents for the voice channel because most of the customers prefer to talk with the agents regarding the desired solutions. Therefore, if agents have strong interpersonal skills & proactive attitude, they can easily deal with the irate customers, which, in turn, leads to a better productivity.

There should be no doubt that if agents possess good communication skills, they can easily win the customer’s trust during the interaction. All in all, the best way to render the superlative inbound call centre services is appointing the right agents.

Agents should exchange contact information
No one can deny this fact that BPO firms always ensure that no stones will be left unturned when it comes to keeping customers happy or rendering the finest inbound call centre services. But sometimes BPO firms get thrashed by the irate customers because of the disconnected calls.

A background noise, bad connection, etc. are the most probable reasons behind the disconnected calls. These aspects cannot be ignored as these not only drive customers up the wall but also make a dent in the company’s reputation.

To prevent the hassle of disconnected calls, it is imperative for the call centres to allow the agents to share information like name, extension number, etc. with customers at the start of a conversation. This aspect will surely help the customers to get connected with the same agent to complete the conversation regarding the service or product related resolutions, which, in turn, leads to a high CSAT score.

Don’t put customers on hold
Do you know which aspect makes customers feel blue? The answer is ‘Putting the call on hold for a long duration’. This aspect not only leads to a high customer attrition rate but also affects the business’s productivity.

Therefore, it is significant for the BPO firms to not put the customers on hold. Indeed, sometimes agents require a little bit extra time to exterminate the intricate issues, which, in turn, leads to a higher average hold time.

So, it is advisable for the BPO firms to offer call-back option rather than placing the customers on hold.

Improve the IVR menu
Keep making changes in the IVR menu is the another best way to render dazzling inbound call centre services. The significance of IVR menu cannot be ignored as this not only increases the retention rate but also reduces the workload of the agents.

With the help of IVR menu, customers can easily get the expected resolutions without having to make contact with the agents.

Here are few suggestions that can help in adding the reliable IVR menu options:
1. Check customer’s reviews on the regular or weekly basis.
2. Find out about the common issues that may come out in front of the customers.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
4th Jun 2018 (#)

Have you ever worked in a contact centre Thea???? Talking with tact is a requirement along with empathy. Not putting a person on hold yea well, depends on the nature of the call.
I am a Call Centre trainer for companies like DELL, AOL, HSBC, Microsoft etc. Should you need further explanation sit through my classes not huddles to demean.
Pay attention to modulation and diction, it is what speech is all about and yes, talking through a headset is different from a receiver talk and regular speech.
I am more than a blogger for money.

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