How to get rid of a bad freelance writing client

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There are ways to deal with bad freelance writing clients properly.

Bad freelance writing clients

Unfortunately, there are many bad freelance writing clients in the market. Those are clients that basically waste your time and energy and make your everyday a living hell. In order to deal with them properly, you need to learn to identify them.

Clients who are late with payments

Clients who have a tendency of being late with their payments, are considered to be bad clients. These clients will come up with a bunch of excuses for being late with payments. Their accountants may be on vacation, there may be a problem with their bank, or even worse, they may be expecting to receive some money themselves. Regardless of whether these is a bit of truth in these excuses, the end result remains the same. You have to wait to receive your money and therefore you may be late yourself with your own payments. Having to suffer due to someone else's bad financial management is totally unfair. If you notice such an unprofessional attitude more than three times from the same client, it is time to end your cooperation once and for all. If you are still having trouble getting your money, consult your lawyer immediately. It is also wise to notify colleagues about those clients. If they receive negative feedback, none will want to work for them.

Clients who change their minds at the drop of a hat

Clients who tend to change their minds at the drop of a hat are also considered to be bad clients. Those clients will change their instructions three times within an hour or at the very last minute, most of the time without even apologising for it, and fully expecting you to perform to the best of your abilities. If you want to avoid the headache that comes with working for such clients, it is best to end your cooperation with them. Before doing so, try at least once, to get them to understand that you cannot work efficiently knowing that everything can change at any given moment. If they show some understanding and really try to get their act together, them perhaps you can give them a second chance. However, if they respond to your pleas with rudeness and arrogance, there is really no point in trying to make them see the light.

Clients who are vague

There are also clients who are vague when trying to explain what they want. The problem is that they don't even realize doing so, and as a result it becomes very difficult to find a solution. Trying to ask a client who think he is being clear in his instructions to become even more clear can get extremely frustrating on both sides. Therefore, in such a case it is best to end the cooperation immediately.

Knowing what you have to deal with

The above are the most common bad freelance writing clients. Knowing who they are and and how they operate will help you handle them the right way.


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25th Aug 2010 (#)

all excellent point but the first is vital, never hang on to a client that doesn't pay as promised.

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25th Aug 2010 (#)

Yep, payment is important.

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