How to break away from cycle of limitation

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Starting an own business do not necessarily guarantee a secure financial future. Rather, it is the quality of financial literacy that you bring to bear on the business that guarantees financial independence at last. Without good financial intelligence, you can make huge success in business and yet still be in dirty stitches.

How To Break Away From Cycle of Limitation

One of the most important life skills to develop by any sane adult in the wake of super-industrial age of the 21st century is to learn how to move from seeking security to gaining real freedom. What does this mean for any adult reading this stuff? It means you have to take a rethink about your very financial future, and re-tool your dynamics to bake your own bread with your own desired condiments.

People working for others or hoping on the government of today to provide a safe haven and secured financial future by means of salary increment, pensions, retirement packages and others; are merely hoping to wear the shoes of a dead man. Salary economy in the first place, is a sweet poison if you stay swallowing it for too long without a plan to fast-track into an own thing.
In the past, salary economy happened to be the easiest way to secure one’s financial future. Then, the world reality in that economic era did not have:
• Population explosion
• Information revolution
• Mobility revolution
• Islamic re-awakening
• Medical revolution
• Marriage revolution
• Mergers & Networking revolution
• Social disorientation.
• Rapid political and religious transition.
• Communication revolution
• Globalization
• Etc.
At present global reality, people now work 24/7 and still cannot make enough money to retire on or take care of them. The number of available jobs in the labor markets is more of techie jobs than what used to be in the past. Most jobs are even outsourced overseas by multinationals to reduce total overhead cost of production, and at such the available jobs on ground are being competed for population far greater in the ration of 1:200 or even 1:400. Yet, these jobs do not promise reasonable medical aid and pension package, rather only offer peanut as salary with great demand on the employer shoulders.
You cannot break out of limitation feeding on such sweet poison devoid of financial future. It is difficult to attain financial freedom giving up your life for someone to control it for you. You need to bake your own bread to secure your financial future. Baking your own bread means working for yourself, and the networking market industry provides you with a huge opportunity at this end. It can also be further expanded to mean starting up from the scratch to build your own cash flow platform. Whichever way you choose to secure your financial independence, it really requires giving it your all.

Money is never a bank note or colored paper with some graphic design and government stamp on it. Nay! It is not exactly what you can feel with your hands or keep in the bank vault. It is simply a currency. That means it must have the ability to be in motion in order to have value. Therefore, an ideal definition of money is an “IDEA”.
It is important you have this understanding of money as an idea before setting out to float your own business or organization. In the 21st century, marketable idea is the real owner of the line of commodity or service production. One good idea is a factory, an industry or even a conglomerate in the making. So therefore, the first capital you need most to create your own financial empire is a resourceful idea, and not bank notes.

One of the greatest truth that account for more than two-third of entire world population living on average or even in miserable poverty is the lack of financial intelligence. To understand mathematics and the stock market is not same thing as having a good financial intelligence. Even, interestingly many accountant and bank managers do not understand or have financial intelligence. They can rather boast of accounting intelligence, and not financial intelligence. Financial intelligence is the ability to take full control of your cash flow. It means have the financial literacy to determine if something is an asset or a liability, and also having the ability to detect financial lies, traps and maneuvers of attained financial experts. It involves the ability to decipher hidden financial explosion in any given market trend or the very opposite of it.
Financial intelligence is not a gift of nature; rather it is the output of financial education and intelligent commitment to practice of financial literacy over time. It is the ability to convert letters into words with aplomb ease. Starting an own business do not necessarily guarantee a secure financial future. Rather, it is the quality of financial literacy that you bring to bear on the business that guarantees financial independence at last. Without good financial intelligence, you can make huge success in business and yet still be in dirty stitches.

Thus, there is need you know how to read financial journals, bank statements and other financial publications and interpret the trends that is evolving in the marketplace or workplaces around the world at any given time. Having the ability to interpret trends and where or what it leads to is a huge resource on it own. This is because money is currency and is always affected by developing realities taking place either in the marketplaces, workplaces or at the corridors of governments.

Greater part of the effort to set up your own plat form to bake your own bread requires first and foremost conscious investment in your financial education. Profit in business of the 21st century does not respond to trial and error approach to business. The prospective business operator must invest enough resources to acquire and update his financial intelligence proficiency.
It means, spend money to get good “Trust Books”, attend seminars and workshops, coaching classes and consultancy. This aspect of the business is continuous process and inventions and innovations keep expanding possibilities in the arena of business. The operator must learn how to close up every subtle financial leakage to dissuade financial parasites.

The very first step in building wealth is to spend less than you make. We now live in the culture of bloated media commercials that is gradually programming the least unsuspecting individual without plan on endless spending spree.
Spending money is like bleeding, as excess lost of blood result to anemia, excess spending on things that are but mere liabilities on the long run cause financial anemia. It is imperative to block the bleeding pockets before everything can fall into shape. It is not easy to escape the hack-saw of limiting patterns with leaking pockets.
The money that would have been spent on buying ‘Wants’ could be invested in gaining proficiency in your business still. To increase your chances of survival against the onslaught of blackmail of regret you need to put your financial game together. You need to follow the order of your financial priority and avoid consciously the urge for impulse spending of money.

It is wisdom to budget your money no matter how small; you need to come out with a stronger act, plan and game to keep money increasing in your hands. Just the same way one increases a prayerful life, so, it is to increasing money in your hands. This usually follows a behavioral pattern that must be consistent in all circumstance of life. People get rich and richer when they increase the right money culture and behavioral pattern in the right perspective. The moment you get more focus on building up the volume of income or money flowing into your life, then, you build a life style that withholds money, especially from being spent on mere wants.

The ability to stick to your financial plan, art and game, surely you will be on target to amazing harvest. This is not usually easy to accomplish, but, it is not impossible a dream. It is the same game every wealthy person played to rise into financial freedom. Fasting and prayer do not save money, rather right practice and discipline can be much more effective than any other tool in securing financial freedom.

Abundance is not an outcome of what you receive as salary or what flows into your life, but the outcome of how much of what enters your life that you keep in a quality volume. An ocean is not a product of flowing water body, rather an outcome of gathering water bodies.


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author avatar Etc.
8th Aug 2014 (#)

I loved the analogy that spending money is like bleeding; and I loved the truism, rarely stated that one needs to be able to function in the financial world in order to have business/financial success.

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author avatar HighCapacity
8th Aug 2014 (#)

Yeah, thank you for that uncompriomized comment. Money is is like the blood in a man's system. If money reduces in your pocket, surely, your blood either get hotter or even shortens...hahah

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author avatar HacBao
30th Aug 2014 (#)

A good article to get rid of the limit cycle

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