How to be a successful manager of your business

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The Director of the employer or a person of the highest official of the Authority in the institution, even in the enterprise and there may be more than the Director connected with each other with a view to regulating the work.

How to become a successful manager and liked

The Director of the employer or a person of the highest official of the Authority in the institution, even in the enterprise and there may be more than the Director connected with each other with a view to regulating the work, but differs from each director from each other in style and in the way of action even in the treatment of staff, you will find that there is a director of the treat staff with respect and love and treat them on the basis of the exploitation of position or authority this affects either negatively or positively on the production staff find they tend to the Director, who treat them with respect, and away from the others and some even resort to search for other jobs because of ill-treatment and abuse of some of the top managers of them authority in the work.

The successful manager?

The successful manager is the manager who earned the love and respect of his staff, who plays a prominent role in influencing their psychology makes them lovers dedicated staff for their work in the performance of duties required of them, and that the successful manager is acting on the basis of collegiality in function and not on the basis of the Authority and the implementation of the laws.

How can I be a successful manager and loved?

To become a successful manager in the management of your business and to earn the respect and love of the staff you, should you enjoyed personality has many advantages and the qualifications which aim to change the approach taken in the work, and here comes a lot of tips to make you a popular and successful manager, we mention the following:

Greeting to staff

To greet the staff while you are logged in to work generates a sense of security they have and make them more openly with you in regard to labor matters

A smile to staff

The Smile plays a major role in psychological warfare officer keep him more confident Educational television production concerning Prince Maximillian it also gives a sense of love to you.

The search for the Pros

Not Looking for the evils of staff and their mistakes, but look for their strengths and the work carried out by and try to strengthen those points.

Accept errors and excuses

All employees whatever the specialized exhibition of error, the director must therefore accept the mistake and work on giving guidelines and instructions, makes the employee promise sociologist hefty coin which tips instead to resort to punishment.

Not to differentiate between the staff

When the Director in differentiating between staff and when distinguishes each other, constitutes a kind of sensitivity among staff, providing an overview of the director, officer vary either when the treats everyone alike and does not distinguish between a staff member and another that sticking love in their souls and makes them more sincerity in action.

Give the rewards

A system of incentives and rewards for the consolidation of the relationship of the employee to the Director, and also works to create a spirit of competition among staff which gives positive results in action.

The distribution of tasks to staff

When the distribution of tasks to staff each according to ability and its scope, it works to complete the work in full, making the work of successful.

Job security,

The achievement of job security makes it the ideal place for staff to carry out their daily this makes them lovers of their control who works at their convenience.

Consult the staff

Taking the officer in respect of work gives a sense of when the staff member that is an integral part of the company or institution for which he works.

Does the good treatment of the employee by the Director affect their respect for him or make them as non-disciplined?

Ideas may vary from one person to another, but in the fact that the good treatment and respect for any person, whether employed or not generate the same treatment by the other party, therefore, love and respect for them to rely on his treatment of him whenever the director was modest and speaks in a nice not hurt anyone speak, this is reflected on the employee to produce and exchange feeling repeats, if the Director-general authoritarian papacy nor respects no one, this leads to hatred.


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