How to Write Good Web Content as a Freelance Writer

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Many people do not understand that writing web content and articles is very different from other writing tasks including short stories and novels. There is a learning curve that all freelance web writers have to go through to be successful as web content writers.

Determine the Purpose of the Piece to Write Good Web Content

Most articles and web content are meant to be informative and to draw visitors to a site, in order to write good web content as a freelance writer it is important that you understand the reason behind each piece of content you write. The more traffic that a website receives the more advertising revenue or sales that site will receive.

It is important to know what the purpose is of your writing in order to understand the strategies you will use to create articles and content that are both informative and effective, easily search-able, and beneficial to the readers who are searching for the information. These tips can be used whether you are writing for your own site or for someone else, they are basic web content instructions.

Some pieces may be promotional others are reviews, educational, factual, instructional or a combination of all these. For example, within this page I am going to use the idea of writing a blog post for a sales website.

Write Freely, Initially When Writing Good Web Content

Once you know what you are writing about and why you are writing it, all you have to do initially is write the information that you wish to share. you can do research to gather information if you need it, or you can write from your own experience. Don't worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation issues; just get the information down.

So as per the example mentioned above I may freely write 4 paragraphs that detail the benefits of the item that is for sale on the site. I may use plenty of adjectives and describe in detail why everyone should use this product.

Edit in Keywords to Create SEO Web Content

Once the free writing is done your next job is to edit the piece. This includes reworking sentences, grammar, spelling and the flow of the piece. Good web content is succinct and to the point, edit out any "fluff" and present the information clearly. You may have to switch around a few thoughts to make more sense and further polish the piece before you start editing in keywords.

Keywords are the words that the general public would enter into a search engine to find the item that the site is selling. To put this in your mind clearly, lets revisit the example. We are writing a blog post for a sales website. Let's suppose this site sells a diet product. The keywords we will want to make sure are included are: diet, weight loss, health, natural, results, and of course the name of the product.

Keywords should be used once or twice in each paragraph, in the title and the main keyword should be used in the first sentence of the post as well. Section headings or titles for each paragraph can be inserted using keywords as well to make your piece more SEO friendly. In case you don't know what SEO is, the letters themselves stand for "search engine optimization", and what it means is making your content able to be found by search engines based upon the key words that people will use to find your product.

Close with an Action Option to Complete a Good Piece of Web Content

To close the article you will want to provide links to the product sales page, references or sources of the information included, links to reviews of the product or to more information about the product.

Again, with our example, your final paragraph may look like this:
"To learn more about XDiet program and the healthy weight loss system read what our customers think by clicking "here" to read reviews. Add the Xdiet program 30 day trial to your cart to try it out with a money-back guarantee."

This offers the readers action options, to either learn more about it or try it out, and the main keywords are used as well.

Learn More About SEO to Write Good Web Content

You will find several helpful articles and other information on being a web content freelance writer at Freelance Writer Online to help you write good web content and satisfy both your own needs and easily find work with private clients to provide quality SEO web content.

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Nice article with lots of good information to help Internet writers. Thanks!

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My articles have only been up one day. I am new as well, my first 3 articles were posted yesterday.

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Suzalicie; This article explains everything perfectly:) Thanks for sharing:)

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I echo Petras sentiment. Too often I try to cram the keywords in when I'm initially writing instead of editing! Thanks again.

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Great informative journalism Suz Alicie, thank you for sharing.

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