How to Remove Your Name from Mailing lists

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This article shows you how you can remove your name from annoying mailing lists.

How to Remove Your Name from Mailing lists

How to Remove Your Name from Mailing lists

The nuisance that is junk mail seems to be ever increasing in this modern age. No matter what you seem to do, those pesky leaflets keep on coming and no matter what you seem to do, they keep on coming, building up on your car, in your email inbox and on your welcome mat. This can be incredibly annoying.

But did you know that there are ways in which to stop this ever increasing flow of junk mail. You do it by removing your name from the mailing list.

So how do you actually do this? First, you need to determine where it is that this junk mail is coming from. If it because you brought something from an online store, your email address has been stored away on a list along with other group buyers who have purchased the same, or a similar, item. For example, if you have brought a hat from an online store, the store keeps a record of your email address and will send you an email or letter informing you of a similar item when added to their database.

Sometimes a company will take your personal information (email address, name, age, address etc) once you have made an online purchase and add it to their database list. Incredibly annoying.

If the purchase was made with a credit card, you can contact the company and ask them about their mailing lists and the procedure to remove your details. Contact the customer services department and tell them you don’t want to be contacted with unwanted mail.

If it is paper junk mail that you want to cease, then you need to find out where it is coming from. Contact the sender and politely ask them not to send you any more leaflets or pamphlets. Do not get annoyed or be rude; if you are polite enough they will entertain your request. If rude, they may either ignore you or be rude back to you.

If you are getting flyers through your doors, you need to determine the ultimate sender. This is usually found somewhere in the small print. Call the company and let them know you don’t want to receive any more mail. If contacting them by phone, you may be passed around from department to department until someone agrees to help you. In addition to this, it will probably take a month or two to stop completely.

In order for you not to receive any junk mail, or just the bare minimum, it is best not to give out your contact details to any companies unless they are someplace that you will use time and time again.


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author avatar Martin
12th Jul 2011 (#)

What is it almost impossible
just to find a sample letter on the web that one can use to get one's personal info deleted?

In Germany this is there with an easy quick search - with all the exact legal phrases and clauses, including those related to third parties.

And for free.

The English-speaking world (of which I am part) is totally behind on issues of privacy and consumer protection.

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author avatar Martin
12th Jul 2011 (#)

Typo: "What" should be "Why"

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