How to Put a *Stop to a Noisy Neighbor*

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Putting a stop to a noisy neighbor takes the right moves and some cooperation on your part. The time it may take to get to the stopping point may be well worth it.

How to Put a *Stop to a Noisy Neighbor*

Our home, no matter what we live in, is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet and where we relax, live and enjoy life. We have enough noise and problems to deal with on the outside so we look forward to the only place we have to get away from it all, our home.

Sometimes that peace gets interrupted by an inconsiderate noisy neighbor who cares nothing for anyone else and is constantly playing loud music, throwing parties or having friends over for an evening of drinking, watching the game, playing loud music or just annoying loud talk and laughter.

You’ve tried to be neighborly by asking them to calm it down a bit or turn down the music to no avail or maybe because it’s not past 10:00 pm you think you can’t do anything about it so you think you have to put up with it. Wrong! Your peace can be disturbed 24 hours a day.

You have exhausted all of your resources, you’ve called the Police several times, you have been polite and neighborly but nothing seems to work. Yes, it can be very frustrating to say the least so, follow these tips in the order that they are listed and you will defiantly put a stop to your noisy neighbor:

Write a letter. Most complaints come from people who are living in an apartment complex and it seems that there is at least one apartment where there is a group of people or one person who care nothing about anyone else’s peace and is always creating noise.

Write a certified letter to the manager and the owner of the building demanding that the problem be rectified. If it is a single residence then write the letter to the residence owner.

Mention in your letter that your next step is to file a "class action law suit" for "noise annoyance" and a complaint with the City Attorney's office declaring the apartment complex a "nuisance to the City".

Writing a letter helps you build a case in the event your situation ends up in court.

Call the Police. Calling the Police and documenting 'every' time there is a loud party or major noise complaint is a must because it proves and shows that the noisy tenants are a "nuisance" causing the City to use valuable Police resources to solve an ongoing problem. Believe me, the city will not tolerate this for very long.

Make a Citizen’s Arrest. An important step to solving this noise problem is to make sure when you call the Police that you tell the Police Dispatcher to have the Police Officers stop by your house first so you can explain to them what has been going on.

Once the Police arrive at your home tell them that you want to make a “citizen’s arrest” on your neighbors for disturbing the peace.

Once you demand to make a citizen’s arrest the Police must either write a citation or make a physical arrest of the neighbor. it is important to understand that if a citation is written then ‘you’ are the one who signs the ticket as the “arresting person” at which point the Police will then take your neighbor into custody. During the arrest the Police will most likely confiscate the electronic equipment from the DJ or the stereo system and the items will not be returned until after the court case is over. This can hurt a lot.

This is a vital step because the fines on this are extreme. The city will charge your neighbor the price it cost to send out the Officers, put a Helicopter in the sky overhead and any other city resources. That can add up to a lot.

File a Complaint with the City Attorney. You now have plenty of proof and documentation to file a complaint with the City Attorney's Office.

Once the complaint has been filed an investigation is launched and the owner of the building will be contacted by the City. The owner will be given a certain amount of time to rectify the problem. If the problem is not rectified the property can be deemed a "Nuisance" and the owner could lose his property.

By following these steps you can see that your ‘noisy’ problem can be stopped. Hopefully it will stop before the situation gets to an unnecessary point.

Putting a stop to a noisy neighbor takes the right moves and some cooperation on your part. The time it may take to get to the stopping point may be well worth it rather than sitting in your home, boiling over with anger having to listen to inconsiderate neighbors bothering everyone.

The system is on your side and it will work for you.

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author avatar Retired
23rd Dec 2010 (#)

Very interesting

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author avatar Kchase
4th Jun 2011 (#)

I just spent all last night listening to my next door neighbor's party and called out the police three times. I was not aware of a "citizen's arrest" and I am going to check it out and see if I can do that. If so, it might finally put an end to their partying once and for all.

Thanks for posting this!

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author avatar Greatly frustrated.
26th Sep 2011 (#)

My neighbors are mexicans and theres a lot of them in and out all night and day. I spoke with the father about there noise ,it stopped for a short period and picked up twice as bad now there kids are in on this noise .It seems there doing this perposley. the landlord is aware of this problem,and won"t do anything about. I don"t want trouble with these illegals,i mean people. i just like my peace of mind. (beside there are constant stranger back and forth in there home I have no ideal of whats going on there but somthing not right over there.

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author avatar Kchase
6th Mar 2012 (#)

Dear frustrated,

My noisy neighbors are Mexican too. They sure do like to party, and urinate on the side of the house, and knock down my mailbox in retaliation for calling the short, a bunch of jerks! There hasn't been a peep out of them since I learned about a citizen's arrest and discussed it with the police in my town.

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author avatar Kchase
18th Mar 2012 (#)

Well, the Mexicans started up again tonight and I was told by the officer that I could sign the ticket and I'd be the one to show up in court. So I signed it and we'll see how it goes in court. He did say there was no such thing as what the officer describes here in Texas. Wish i could find out for sure.

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author avatar Kchase
3rd Aug 2012 (#)

Well, it has been almost 5 months since they were issued a ticket on the 17th of March and I just now received a summons for a court date at the end of August. Wow, that took a really long time! Anyway, will post back what happens after we appear.

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author avatar John
30th May 2013 (#)

The old people next door passed away in 2011. The daughters put the house up for sale. The buyer was an emergency room Doctor & his wife. Cool! No! Seems he bought this house so his teenage son & his college buds can live there while they attend a local college. Must be nice to have rich parents. Anyway, the good Doctor lives sixty miles away, and left my neighbor & I to deal with the numerous loud, drunken parties that have become a way of life at this house. I've had Dutch Uncle conversations with the kids, and spoken to the Doctor twice about the ongoing noise. They came out, but nothing has really changed. Just over the Memorial Day weekend I had to call the police AGAIN because the youngsters were raising hell in their backyard with screaming, and loud, drunken singing at 1:30 am. They just don't give a damn. Also, the once beautifully manicured and professionally landscaped yard looks like crap. Not a rose, bush, not tree has been trimmed since they moved in in Aug of 2011. I'm ready for the NEXT STAGE of going to the City Attorney. They damn well deserve it.

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author avatar Parties Non Stop
27th Sep 2014 (#)

We had really nice neighbors for a long time and then they broke up and the guy stayed in that house for a very long time. He wasn't a problem at all but when he left, a couple rented the house for about 2 years. They were non-party people so they were fine. When the renting stopped, the guy decided to sell his house. That's when the trouble started. Two guys I think it is live there now and they party heaps. Not just on weekends. They have friends over almost every night and its so filthy. Loud music is on, everyone in there is drunk and the chat and laugh really loud. Sometimes, the friends even come in the day time, which is even worse. They have been here for a few months now and they just get worse and worse. Recently, we went up to tell them to turn their music down and the owner said okay. But after about 10 minutes the music had gone up. Every night I'm hearing thumps and beats coming from next door and it's really irritating. I reckon my head might explode if it continues. When we went up to see if they could turn the volume down, a girl came up at first naked! There was lots of guys there as well! Luckily it was dark so I didn't notice it until she turned around and left. She got the actual neighbour and they fixed it up though for not long. The owner wasn't as bad as the others and it doesn't feel right to call the police but we might just have to.

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author avatar Ty
15th Apr 2016 (#)

Hi, and thank you so much about your tips. I found your post not long ago, your tips really helpful.. I'm gonna do exactly everything you wrote down. your tips will work for sure.. I called the police once, it didn't do any good. the police said 3 times calls they will get a $350 ticket if they don't stop, and then will be the court next step.. and guess what. yes, my next door neighbor are Mexicans as well. they are loud, playing loud Mexican music all days and nights, talking loudly on their driveway a lot.. I never had a piece of quiet since the last four years. your tips will stop this.. Thank you so much. I really do mean thank you so much.

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