How to Make Tons of Money with Your PC

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This is the guide on how to earn money with your computer and your brain as the only tool.

How to Make Tons of Money with Your PC

When I surf around on such a network, and start reading their comments on how to make money online, I often run into a not quite understand what this is about.

Basically, there are many who believe that they can earn money with ads on their computer, and it is not the whole truth.

Yes, indeed, it is nonsense somewhere else, because it is not actually happening on your computer ...

It is true that you need a computer to make money online, but it is not on the computer that you install your blog or website.

Now you do not believe that I talk down to anyone here, I just need to explain a concept which a lot of people apparently have been wrong address, and when I want to give people a better understanding of what happens when you earn money on the computer as they call it.

Basically, it is in most cases that you have a blog or a website Monday earn a little money on ... and neither the website or blog on your computer. It would be very handy if you should have your website on your own computer, because it would make it impossible for people to find your website or your blog when you have your computer turned off, or you had no Internet connection.

But it is really about understanding what the Internet actually is. Here I could go back to the beginning and tell you about how the Internet was, but there are plenty of people have described, so instead I will try to explain how the Internet works.

Basically it's just a lot of computers which are connected with each other and are always connected to the network ... some of these computers belong to a known host and a host is a company that has computers standing where you can buy you a seat (which are also some which are free to you let them have advertising on your page) on their server. On this server you upload your page or blog, and this is how your website is always to find on the net ... So even when you sleep and turn off your computer, which is really is quite clever.

So what you do is to find a host, buy a little place in this host and either install a blog or a homepage in the folder you are assigned to the hosted server. So shall coughing in most cases to put together the technical such that when you write the website name (etc. in his browser's address bar you are looking down into the folder in which the site is coughing.

Therefore, it is not on your computer you need to install anything, but it obviously does not know without having learned it, so I hope that you now have ...

So the short of the long is that it is about making money online, and not on your computer. The computer is the means to do since earning money ... So it is correct to say that, "make money on websites or blogs, and not on computers.


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