How to Effectively Promote Your App using Video Marketing

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Video marketing is undoubtedly the most efficient way of directly communicating with your potential app users. Learn how to make the most of it.

Promote Your App through Video!

Promotions play a very important role in determining the success of any app. While text and image promotions are most commonly used, the truth is that neither of them are as effective as video ads. Video promotions can convey the right message with the right tone more easily, quickly and effectively than any other type of ad, but only if done right. So, let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals of creating great videos for your mobile app advertising.

Choose the Right Format

Today, people may view the video from different devices including laptops, mobile, tablets and desktops. You need to ensure that your video adjusts to any screen size. Another important thing to consider is the medium of the video. Will you share it through YouTube, Facebook or through cross-app advertising? Depending on the medium, you may have to adhere to certain length restrictions. It is recommended that you first make a full-length video and later edit it to suit different mediums. Even Google Play has its own standards for app video demos that you need to be aware of before producing the video.

Some Fixed Elements

Irrespective of the message your video will revolve around, there are few branding elements that your video must have. Firstly, it must display your app’s logo and name clearly for at least a decent amount of time. Else people will only remember the video but not who made it, which will not serve your purpose. Next, be sure that all the USPs of your app are explained in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. It may be necessary to dumb down few features so that it becomes easy for everyone to understand. The next crucial feature is known as CTA or Call to Action. You need to tell the viewer what you want him to do after watching the video. Commonly used CTA examples are “Install Now” or “Call us for more information”.

The Script

To write a video script that works is one of the toughest parts of the process. To simplify the process, you first need to identify your exact target audience. What age group do they fall into? What are their interests? What other apps do they use? So on and so forth. Answering such relevant questions will help you craft a more personalized message that will be more likely to resonate with them.

Once you have identified the target audience for your app, you now need to identify the right message that will actually drive them to install your app. The most effective way to do this is to address a problem that most of your potential users are facing and tell them how your app can solve that problem in a clear, lucid way. However, don’t just blandly state the problem and the solution. You need to tell a story through your video that connects with the audience in an emotional way. Only then will they be driven to install the app and try it.

Types of Videos

There are 3 commonly used video formats that are effective in promoting apps. Choose the right one for yourself depending on the target audience and your budget.

The first and simplest type includes showing a person holding a smart device and using your app. The person can highlight all the important features of the app while explaining each feature himself or the video can even make use of a voice over to explain what is happening on the smart device. This is an affordable video solution that can be very effective if done right.

Making use of animation is also very popular amongst app videos. Many apps make small animated explainer videos that explain the various features of the app creatively using sophisticated visuals. Animation helps take the seriousness out of the way and engages the audience in a fun, informal way.

The third and most expensive way to go about making an app video is to shoot a traditional video ad featuring professional actors. However, due to high costs it may not make sense for smaller apps to invest a big chunk of their marketing budget in a single video. The best way to go about such a video may be to hire a professional advertising agency.

By using video marketing to promote your app and applying these factors, you should see your audience grow. You will be able to get your message out in a clear and concise way that your potential app users will be able to relate to. Now get started and promote your app through video the right way!


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