How to Choose Dedicated Web Server?

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Read about to how to choose the best cheap dedicated server for your business website.what to consider and how to choose a perfect host.

Cheap dedicated web server

Dedicated server hosting denotes a type of internet hosting where a customer leases a server. Clients are constantly looking for cheap dedicated server hosting. It may sound ridiculous to seek quality at a low price. High-quality hosting is traditionally a reserve for firms with enormous needs for computing power, data storage, and bandwidth. It is, however, possible to get the same benefits without incurring ridiculous costs.
Dedicated servers devote their resources to ensure that the site or application operates with the utmost processing power, storage, and performance. Investing in an excellent hosting service would be excellent for your business as improved server performance translates to better execution of tasks. Cheap might not necessarily mean paying peanuts. The type of hosting plans depends on your needs. Sometimes you might not get the right quality for a meagre price. You should always be able to differentiate cheap from value hosting. In some instances, it is advisable to spend a few extra dollars on hosting if it boosts the performance. The extra bucks would be incomparable to the benefits that would accrue from investing in the server

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dedicated Server

Before you settle on a server, you should research beforehand to ensure that you are fully armed with the necessary information. You need to look at your specific needs and your budget before picking a server.
Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a cheap dedicated server hosting;

Business impact of downtime

What is the effect of any failure of the site on your website? You need to weigh the losses that you would incur should your site go down. When selecting cheap dedicated hosting, you need to look at how to deal with the possibility of a downtime. The set-up of the cloud accords protection against the failure of hardware. A dedicated server ensures that you are not sharing resources with someone else. However, no one system is fool proof, you must, therefore, decide whether you can afford downtime in case you are unable to scale up to multiple servers.

Performance requirements for your server

This is the most critical factor. You need to know your needs. You need to bear in mind your performance needs, the number of users and the number of servers.
Hardware choices influence server performance


A fast CPU with many cores avails many RAM options. It is prudent to choose a server that allows you to add more ram when needed. This especially important if you are unsure of your RAM needs. Double processers accord diverse ranges of RAM choices. As with the latest technology, server size is extremely critical when choosing RAM.


You have the option of selecting the number of processors and cores that a server has. This is dependent on your needs. Would you gain more from having more cores? You also need to look at the core performance in terms of clock speed. You need to look at your speed needs to know whether you require more cores. You also need to consider the number of users.

Hard drives

Having a RAID set-up for your hard drives ensures that you are cushioned against the failure of a single hard drive. It allows your system some running time until the hard drive is replaced. A larger server always has more hard drive options as compared to a smaller one.


When choosing cheap dedicated hosting, you need to consider scalability. You need to determine your application's ability to scale. Scaling denotes the ease with which more servers can be added. Is your application flexible enough to allow for server addition? And how does scaling change the user experience? If your application is easy to scale, then you do not necessarily need to use cheap dedicated server hosting. A virtual solution would still work. Some apps are however hard to scale. It is challenging to ensure that a database is running on multiple servers since you'd have to synchronize with all the servers. Sometimes it is less tedious to move the database to an entirely different server with better capacity, storage, and RAM.

Network quality

To ensure excellent network quality and improved user experience you need to consider the location of your end user. The closer the host is to your end users, the better the network quality. The delivery of data depends on the network quality of the hosting company.

Bandwidth usage

Bandwidth requirements are connected to data traffic predictability. If you use a lot of bandwidth with low predictability, you could opt for cheap dedicated server hosting with a lot of data traffic. This way you can tell your expenses on dedicated server hosting.

Load balancing across multiple dedicated servers

It is necessary to have a form of load balancing especially if your application allows scaling over numerous servers. Load balancing works in a way that ensures that the server is running and if it is down the excess traffic is redirected to another server.

Remote management and Self-Service

You also need to consider the extents to which you can remotely manage the servers. Top-notch servers are equipped with modules for remote control. Select cheap dedicated hosting that provides for remote management.
Essentially, you are looking for a balance of price and quality. It is not entirely impossible to get quality cheap dedicated server hosting at a lower price.

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