How to Avoid Deadly Sales Mistakes - Part 1

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You met one, you met them all. If this is something you hear when you approach a potential client you are in for a lot of trouble. Sales is a very demanding job and many sales people do not know how to differentiate themselves. What can you do to make sure your client hears you out?

Do not Pitch

Pitching is Sales 101. However, in todays economy and the number of sales people around, you seriously do not want to start your sales presentation with a pitch.


For once in your life, please listen. Listening will help you close more sales. It is quite ironic that listening really helps you make sales while you have been told time and again that you need to pitch and let people know what you product or service is all about so that the potential client can make the informed choice. Really?

Your potential client obviously know one thing and that is that you, as a sales person, want to sell him your product or service. One strike there even before you start on your pitch. Your potential buyer is already in the defensive.

So, how can you warm up and convince him that your product or service is actually beneficial for him and that he needs to use it to feel the difference? Simple! Just listen to him.

A good sales person never sells anything. It is always the customer who make the choice to buy from that sales person. And why do you think that sales person is any good? Because he listens!

Knowing your customer needs and wants is the first step in sales. Therefore, instead of pitching right from the start, you need to develop the habit of asking questions. It could be about his family, his hobbies, his needs and anything that can lead you to you being able to bring up your product or service without being so direct.

When you start listening, you will get cues to the needs and wants of your customer which you will never get if you keep on talking and do not bother to listen.

When you listen, your client will feel that you care. He will warm up to the idea that you may actually have something that will help him,

When you listen, you will be able to weed out unnecessary sales presentation methods to present your products. You do not want to go into lengthy discussions about the make and the body of the item if the only concern of the client is price or the content.

Listening is Good - Active Listening is Better

Active listening is actual listening. Most of the time, you will be waiting for the person on the other hand to finish so that you can say something. You will thinking about what to say half way when the other person is still talking. Whether you realize or not, the other person will surely sense your inattentiveness. If you continue this throughout the conversation, you would have lost a good opportunity.

Active listening means that you listen attentively to what is being said to you. You can nod, take down notes or do anything that will register the point the other person is making to you. When you do this, you will realize how much more fun and interactive your sessions can be. Also, you will be able to close more sales as you will come across as someone who is genuinely interested in what the other person is saying.

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