How many people are happy at their work?

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Seven out ten people love their jobs, but thousands hate having to start a new week again.

How many people are happy at their work?

Seven out of ten people seem to be happy at heir jobs. However, I read that most of them are highly qualified professionals such as doctors, scientists, teachers and professors or architects. Their work is hard, no doubt about it, but they´re happy, because they´re lucky to perform that work they´ve studied for.
However, there´re other people who don´t seem to be this happy with the jobs they´re having. They´re mainly office employees, shop assistants, cleaning staff or building workers. For them Monday will be a bleak day. The joy of a free weekend will have finished and they have to go back to work as though they were heading for the galleys.
They´ll be the ones to look forward weekends, public holidays or annual leave well in advance. It´s perhaps what keeps them going in their horrible jobs.
Yet, there´s something worse than having a job that scarcely gives them a salary or wages to pay for their keep and this is not having a job to go to every day.
How would one feel not having an income to be able to pay a rent or a mortgage?
What about if one has to buy food or whatever other things for one´s place?
Many people have young children at home and they know that they have to provide for them.
There´re, of course, people that being unemployed won´t accept jobs as not being good for them. They sit to wait for their dreamed job to come along. It may or may not arrive to them, but bills pile up and one has to eat every day after all.
A job is above all a tool to let us have a regular income to pay for our keep. It doesn´t matter if it´s a dull and boring one, but it´s a job that allows us to live on.
It´s true that on these days working conditions have turned into slavery ones. Salaries or wages are low and employers are taking advantage of the fact that there´re too many of us searching for jobs. They´re taking advantage of the fact that they can close shop to go somewhere else where it comes cheaper for them. This is a fact nowadays, but instead of blaming this job that one has wouldn´t it be better to join other work mates to demand better conditions and better salaries or wages?
If it´s bad having to start another week to go back to work, there´s something worse and this is having to start another week without a job amidst uncertainty, seeing bills pilling up or a landord calling up to get the rents one already owes them.
If one should be performing one of these dull jobs, ne shouldn´t curse at it, but one should be happy enough to have a job to go to, because once we´ve lost our jobs, we´ve lost the most important for our livelihood.

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author avatar Retired
23rd Mar 2015 (#)

Does your maths add up? If 70% of people are happy at their work and at least 51% of them are highly qualified professionals, that means that at least 35.5% of all employed people are highly qualified professionals.

Surely some mistake!

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author avatar vickylass
23rd Mar 2015 (#)

True. I've read this percentage on today's press, but while they mentioned on these highly qualified professionals, I always thought of the millions that blame their jobs because they're badly paid and dull. Quite a curse for them. Here the press mislead us in telling us that most of the people are very happy on what they do for a living.

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author avatar vickylass
24th Mar 2015 (#)

Well, I don't know about this support group. All what I was trying to say was to comment on the fact that the newspaper article only mentioned very much qualified people who were happy with their jobs, but they omitted that there're millions that aren't happy with the ones they have, but they have to be at them whether they like them or not. Where as there're millions that would give anything for one of these dull and boring jobs. This, letting aside percentages.

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author avatar jsherack
29th Mar 2015 (#)

I think your posts are good despite what the Wikinut member John Welford says. I see he likes posting negative comments on other member posts and if he feels that way he shouldn't be a member here!

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author avatar Retired
29th Mar 2015 (#)

jsherack, Have you read every comment I have made on other people's posts on Wikinut? If not, I do not see how you can justify what you say.

Yes - I will make negative comments when I do not agree with what is said, or if there is an obvious mistake. That is because some statements need to be challenged.

However, when an article deserves support, it gets it from me just as much as from other people.

I welcome comments - positive and negative - on my own articles, because I like to encourage healthy debate that is conducted in an adult give-and-take manner that does not descend into vulgar abuse.

You cannot go through life just agreeing with what other people say - how would any advance ever have been made if that was the case?

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