How homelessness could be ended

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It's the only initiative left to end with homelessness if politicians are going to remain deft and blind to this social problem.

How homelessness could be ended

I read that according to Inphographic, homelessness would be ended with the money that Americans spend on Christmas decorations...
Or, with the money many of us spend on treats and shopping on the sales, I guess. However, I don't think it's a matter to blame individuals for spending their money in whatever they think suitable or appropriate. It can't be a personal initiative when, in fact, most of us, having a home, find it difficult to make the ends meet.
This is an issue that governments should take into their hands with the intention to really sort it out. But I am afraid they don't have an intention. I once read Madrid's Mayor saying that Madrid's streets were dirty, because there were far too many people sleeping in them. However, Madrid's streets are dirty since the municipal cleaning services were privatized, but not because of the homeless.

Every day I read on evictions in many European countries, particularly in those where the financial markets have been the harshest. They are being evicted because having lost their jobs, they couldn't go on paying their mortgages or rents. It's common on these days to meet whole families in which no one has a job.
Anyone may say that if they can't go on paying to the bank, it's sensible that they should be evicted, but these people bought a house to have a place of their own. While they had an income, they paid their mortgages or rents until redundancies in many companies started up.
One can't blame no one for not paying a rent or a mortgage if they have lost their jobs and have no income. However, there was no mercy from banks. All of them had to be thrown out into the streets with their elderly or young children included.
On listening a radio program, a girl called up to tell listeners how they had decided on squatting the very same flat that the bank had taken from them. She was not alone, because not only she had her family to join on such an action, but she also achieved to get other families to join in to squat a whole block of flats that all of them belonged to the bank.
If governments aren't going to give it a serious thought to such a problem nor they are going to sort it out, there's only one thing that these homeless people can do and this is to squat the same flats that banks took out from them on accounts that, for instance, the 1978 Spanish Constitution states that every Spaniard has a right to have a place to live. and I guess many other Constitutions claim the same right.
It isn't easy and it requires guts as well as good organization.

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