How entrepreneurs, exporters are harassed in India

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Though the Indian government pays lip service to encouraging entrepreneurship, in reality they face a lot of harassment

How tax payer money is wasted to harass entrepreneurs in India

Again in June 2015, there was a decline of approximate 15% in exports from India, following the 20% decline in May 2015. While a decrease in demand could be the reason for the decline, the main reasons at least for online exporters remains the waste of indian tax payer money to harass them and make it difficult to make any money.
Though the government pays lip service to encouraging entrepreneurs in reality it remains very difficult to start and run a business in India, unless the person is well connected or has inherited an established business. The harassment of the entrepreneur will be particularly severe if a large company would like to take over the business or destroy competition.

Some of the common harassment methods used by government officials to harass honest harmless entrepreneurs in India are
1. Defamation without proof, making extremely vicious false claims like black money, money laundering
2. Putting the entrepreneur under surveillance for years, denying privacy
3. Stealing the retirement savings without a court order
4. Stealing the impressive resume of the entrepreneur for the lazy greedy mediocre friends of top officials to get these frauds government jobs with the fake resume
5. Diverting and stealing all the correspondence of the small business owner, like emails, phone calls, smses, postal mail, making it impossible to contact customers, vendors, or hire competent people.
6. Blocking payment which foreign customers would be willing to pay, spreading false rumors .
7. Closing the account in both foreign and indian companies to the extent possible.
8. Falsely labelling the entrepreneur as a security threat without any proof at all
9. The entrepreneur is used as a guinea pig for various experiments without his or her permission,human rights abuses which cause great pain, making it impossible to do any work.

In India the all powerful intelligence agencies consider a person with a job as being "respectable" while a small business owner, entrepreneur is treated as a scapegoat or unemployed person who is to be exploited to the extent possible. Even a brilliant experienced engineer from a top college who is an online exporter will be defamed as an uneducated person by the chronically dishonest indian intelligence agencies , especially if they are bribed by corporates like Google, tata, Paypal and others to destroy the reputation of the entrepreneur.

Especially in Goa , the intelligence agencies fail to realize the reality that entrepreneurs are taking a risk, contribute to the economy, and often work far more than employees, in the government.
The experience of an entrepreneur is not considered at all, though few people can replicate the business model, due to the vicious defamation of the corrupt dishonest indian intelligence agencies. There is no open debate on why entrepreneurs are considered to be people with no work experience or not contributing to the economy, and harassed endlessly .


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21st Jul 2015 (#)

Bad business I think when there is harassment like that

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author avatar Niche
22nd Jul 2015 (#)

Can you clarify what you mean by bad business.

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