How To Succeed, Despite Some Feelings of Fear and Negativity

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Everybody feels overwhelmed from time to time, even the best and most seemingly "perfect" or "ideal" of us. Sure, there are some who can fake being "perfectly polished" until they make it, but it involves a lot of genuine selling out and that kind of thing also. This article is mainly about how to keep it real and with integrity while keeping genuinely polished, calm, and realistically successful without letting negativity or fear get the best of you (or me).

Genuine winning

Real and genuine winning starts with integrity from the beginning. If you "fake it until you make it" even from the start and become panicked and fearful irrationally at certain points, you definitely will not succeed. Success may be the progressive and genuine realization of a worthy goal or ideal, but if there is not integrity and courage all the way through, how can there be genuine success?

Indeed, all real and permanent failure begins with a default or a quitting time too definite. To succeed, perseverance and persistence over talent and planning must be the order of reality. After all, quitter, bum alcoholics have a talent: They can handle lots of alcohol without looking drunk and the best laid plans without proper action and persistence in action lead to nothing ultimately. The genuine winner has those qualities of persistence and perseverance. For the best and the worst of us can have lots of talent in the right or wrong places, but without persistence in the right places and perseverance at the right times, no real success or genuine winning will come.

Rightly used talent and persistence go together

What is quality? Quality is rightly used talent combined with persistence and follow-through perseverance integrity. We are created by our realistic efforts and destroyed by "quitting time" or having what we do be nothing more than what we invest in or retire from ultimately.

Realistically, there is not a quitting time except the one we make for ourselves in life. (I am not writing about death, I am writing about rational efforts while life is in us.) To break the chains of quitting time, keep your mind working until you do find a solution creatively. After all, what do you think happened with the Henry Ford Motor Company with the story of the perfection of the eight cylinder motor anyway? If there was a quitting time, as a rule, the staff would have been fired, thus quitting permanently. So, in short, "quitting time" is a tripe, and creative persistence is the rule, really.

When I write about persistence, I am not writing about stubbornness

If I were writing or typing about stubbornness as an option, I may as well type "go insane and forget it" and end it there, foolishly. But the folly of stubbornness is the most unrealistic thing in existence. The reality and greatness of creative persistence is a totally different thing entirely consisting of finding unique solutions, not doing the same thing over and over again "normally" expecting a better result. So, when I write and type about persistence and perseverance, I am not giving you formulas for stubbornness or unproductive normality. I am essentially saying "do not give up, get creative if there do not seem to be solutions".

When I think of reality, I think of "how I can make it better", not "how bad it is" and if it is already good, "how can the efficiency be increased". "Not upsetting the apple cart" is a form of normality and stubborn behavior anyway. Remember this: Making things better is a part and parcel of persistence, otherwise, what would advance genuinely?

Nothing would advance genuinely if creative persistence in life and existence were not practiced. Indeed, the real death that exists is the most genuine of quitting or fearing to go on. That is the most dramatic way I can put it. Build a better way to live, and it will all improve ultimately. Indeed, everything changes, but nothing really quits, especially existence itself. So, be like natural existence in nature, go on with persistence no matter what. Like a fern grows over a wall or sidewalk in nature, keep going creatively, no matter what the problem. That is not stubbornness, that is the essence of survival. Without that essence imbued in consciousness realistically however, I can only say that it is time for change for stubbornness is stagnation, stagnation is unhealthy, and everything unhealthy ultimately dies.

Genuine perseverance is a mind on fire

Quitting is dousing a life with water, for genuine perseverance is a mind on fire. Not only that, but quitting is the least creative thing and most unhealthy thing that can be done. No matter how much talent is in the room or in the mix, if you quit, it is nothing. That may sound a little grossly extreme, but that is the most genuine of facts.

Success despite feelings of fear and negativity depends on the sort of persistence I am writing and typing about. Not insane perseverance that depends on trying the same action without changing approaches and expecting to succeed, but creative perseverance and persistence. "Never quit", "can do" and "will do" are great sayings to be sure, but they mean nothing when not mixed with creativity and approach change when necessary. After all, I can honestly say and do honestly mean that some of my best ideas that worked came when I was "done".


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