How To Score An Overall Better Ranking For Your Website To Help With Earnings

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This article will talk about how you can rank higher with the search engines.

How To Score An Overall Better Ranking For Your Website To Help With Earnings

Website Appearence

Many new webmasters think that having one of the best looking websites will get them a lot of traffic like I did when I started 15 years ago. But there is no truth in this at all! This doesn't mean that you should just create any type of website either. Because once you start receiving traffic your sites appearance will have a major impact on your new visitors. You want your site organized and created in a way which will keep your visitors on your website.

Appearance & Content

Your sites appearance and content should be neatly organized and not all over the place to confuse visitors. You want to keep them there and not scare them away! there's nothing worse than going to a website which is totally confusing to the reader. I'm sure you've seen many of those sites as well as I have. Mention your main keyword you use several times in your content but do not be excessive with it because the search engines will consider this spamming bringing your rank much lower instead of helping you rank higher.

This is why I mentioned that having a SEO program is so important or if you don't purchase one try to have a site make a single report for you to see exactly where your site ranks with the search engines. When you have a website added to your domain name, the value is generally higher.

This will help some of you if you are interested in selling your domain name or just curious of its value. Although it seems right now at this current time domain names are not selling for what they are really worth! It seems to be a buyers market right now. I have many of domain names and I will sooner hold out and keep them before giving them away. For instance, I have one domain name alone without a website value at $500.00 and someone offered me $50.00 for it! Are they kidding me? So right now if you have domain names you'd like to sell, hold on to them for now until the market opens up a little or you get your price.

Naming Your Webpages To Rank Higher

How you name your web pages can greatly help your website rankings. If your naming your pages page 1, page 2, etc.

Many webmasters know this, but I am writing this article for beginner to intermediate website owners as well as the new website I constructed. Here is a basic example to use below:

Lets say you have a site that sells electronics and you sell cell phones. I will list a sample website below, then the new web page created and then show how it will look in a web browser.


Your New Web Page below:


This is how it will look below in the search engines:


If you sell GalaxyS5 cell phones you can break this down further and get more targeted traffic:


Or you can do it this way


Which will look like this


Using the forward slash sort of breaks the web address into sub directories meaning the name of your site then cell phones which is main category and then GalaxyS5 which is broken down into the subdirectory or actual product.

The first method uses keyword style and the second directory. Both work well and are effective.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

So this is one way to help and a form of SEO.

Image Attributes

Image attributes is very important to help with your search engine ranking. What exactly is an image attribute? An image attribute is an HTML code you place in your webpage that displays your photo along with hidden text. Lets use my homepage logo for instance.

I created an example below. I then uploaded it to my website and once I did I right click my mouse and selected copy image URL. I then pasted it into the HTML code I will show you below. I then wrote a few sentences in the HTML code including my main keyword. I then went back to my home page to edit and deleted my original photo. Where I had my original photo I placed the HTML code there and that's it! I did have to change the image size a few times and preview it as well before I uploaded the changes, but after a few times you'll get the hang of it.

Here is the example code below.

<img src="" You can also use a .gif file or sometimes .png.

Sample Text Link Below

alt="Free website optimization tips from My Site. We also offer available website resources to help you with obtaining a better search engine ranking!="33" width="60">

I will type the code down again below so you can copy and paste it to use for your site.

<img src="Add Your Image URL Address Here"

alt="Type Your Description and Be Sure to Include Your Main Keyword in a sentence. You can add as much text as you like because it will not be seen on your site but on some browsers it will show when someone places their mouse over your image so make a good description. The numbers to the right are to adjust the image size. You will usually not get it right the first time unless you know the original size. As I said practice and you'll get the hang of it! ="33" width="60">

And there you have it. It seems a little difficult, but it's not too bad. But this will help with your SEO rankings.

What Is SEO Anyway?

For new webmasters or some of you who have heard about SEO, it stands for search engine optimization. When I first heard of this term I though that you required a major degree to understand it or to learn how to use it.

It basic terms it means to make corrections to your website from a program you use which gives you a score from 0-100 of the pros and cons of your website. The report fully explains corrections you can make to have your website naturally score higher on the search engines. As far as today I have never seen a website with a 100% score. Even the top 5 websites in the world do not have that score!

This is because with many of these companies the score doesn't matter because they can afford to spend thousands of dollars per month in advertising. But for some of us including myself we use SEO to naturally gain a higher ranking and can also mix this up with some occasional or regular advertising to fit our budget.


I hope that this brief article touched base on a basic understanding of search engine optimization. There are many more things to discuss but as I mentioned, I just wanted to make this a basic understanding.

I have a website I have created and am placing a link below for you to visit. It has more free information on website SEO and some available resources you can check out.

Thank you for reading my article!


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