How To Run A Truly Effective Blog For Your Business

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Blogging can be a very effective method to advertise your business if you do it right. However, it is worse than pointless to spend a lot of time on a business blog that is not any good at attracting potential customers. Read on to learn how to make a truly effective business blog.

Here Are 4 Tips To Help Grow Your Blogging Efforts.

Connect Your Blog to Your Main Business Page

Your blog needs to give your readers an easy way to get to your business page, the place where you sell your products. You might think that your readers can just Google your business if they want to find it, but most people don't like to do extra work. The purpose of a business blog is to get readers to take a look at your products and services. You need to make this easy for them. Give your blog a prominent navigation bar. Put a link to your business' main page there. Make your company's logo into a link to the business site too. Whenever your blog refers to one of your products or services, put in a link to the page that sells or describes it. Never make it difficult for your visitors to find out how to give you their money. And always, always ensure that your blog is reliable and on a high-quality server.

Post More than Just Product Announcements

A business blog should indeed announce new products and services, promote sales, and so forth, but if you use it to do only this, you're just wasting your time. You can only leverage the true potential power of your business blog when you write about things that your audience will want to read. You need to motivate them to come back again and again to read it. Find out what your target readers are interested in, even if it is only tangentially relevant to your business. Provide solutions to common problems they deal with. Discuss things they like.

Focus more on providing value for your readers instead of pushing your products and services. This will grow your readership a lot and establish a sense of trust. Your goal should be to create a community centered around your blog, made of your readers who comment on it and on each other's comments. This will eventually result in a sizable community of readers who are exposed to your small, tasteful ads on a regular basis. Whenever it flows naturally from the post you are writing, you can mention a product or service you offer as part of a way to solve a problem for your readers. Every once in a while, you can post about the promotion you are running or about a new product, but you should focus on how it can help your readers.

Integrate with Social Media

You need to integrate your business blog and your business' social media sites. If you handle them as completely separate operations, you will never realize their real value. The social media sites have certain uses, and the blog has other uses. Readers of each one should be able to find the other easily. This kind of cross-linking serves as "social proof." When readers see that your business has an online following on different platforms, it shows them that your business is well established and knows what it is doing. Promote your social media presence on the blog and vice versa. Include widgets to make it easy for readers to share one of your blog posts on their social media sites.

Optimise for Google

Use a plugin such as Yoast to help optimize your blog for SEO. Joel House, a leading SEO Expert suggests that all businesses should consider how their blog posts will rank in Google before writing them. By doing effective keyword research you can ensure that the topic you are writing about, is one that people are searching for.

Rush through your company's blogging and you've done nothing more than waste your time and make your business look rather amateur to potential customers. Take the time to do your business blogging the right way and you will leverage its true potential.


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