How To Recycle Your Life (Self-Sufficiency Understanding and Self-Training)

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The person who knows it all is finished, the person that can always learn more is just beginning. This aphorism begins this article. A mind, to be renewed must first be opened to its possibilities genuinely. The mind that cannot learn anymore or is stuck in a rut type habit, is finished, it is literally a dead psyche. So, what is a living psyche? I intend to answer that question here.

The viewpoint, the role and the reality

Reality comes down to growth, for once you stop doing that, even if you are employed "gainfully" and "living a sane life", it is over. It is done. "Stick the fork in the cooked turkey", it is over. The point is, reality always is but, the viewpoint and the role are what we make it. We get paid by how smartly we work, but not exactly how well we work. Hard work, even the deadest psyche can do slave labor, but what it takes to genuinely become rich from your labors is a living, creative consciousness that is genuinely and active from the roots of it. The closed viewpoint just has a job. The open viewpoint views work as a creative and consciously used stepping stone to do more. In a sense then, a conscious, creative volunteer is the best way to be, not the worst. The closed viewpoint that just does a job for pay and goes home really gets nothing in the end because there is not any consciousness or growth in their work or in themselves. I put "themselves" in italics because when you awaken yourself, there is more to life than meets the apparent. That is the whole genuine point of this jobs article.

In reality

As Brian Tracy once said, "everyone is self-employed", the ones who do not know it implicitly make less than the ones who know it. Last night, I watched a "60 Minutes" show on the use of creative internet banking applications or apps that outflank established banking systems, and even revolutionize them in some ways. So, when I say "stuff" like everyone is self employed and there is always room to grow and create when you are conscious, this is what I mean in a sense, but not totally.

Reality is as fluid as consciousness when roles and viewpoints are viewed dynamically in a growing way in anything in existence. This is where the revolution is at in reality. Tradition and normality are not revolutionary, only growth and change can be genuinely revolutionary.

What we are, and what we can be

To be unproductively still in what we are is normal, but not healthy. Good or great health in this sense is a dynamic process of powerful change and dynamic consciousness, not static consciousness. Even Dr. Nathaniel Branden says this in all of his dissertations, books and articles on self-esteem in a uniform way that applies to reality. Indeed, what we can be comes down to not being right, but growing right and moving up right. The static reality, however prosperous seeming is the unhealthy one. Spiritual growth depends on the deepest of dynamism that expands with the ever expanding nature of existence. What we are and what we can be depends on a conscious dynamism, not depending on the normal or the static.

Never get stuck on plans, be flexible

Self-sufficiency and understanding genuinely comes through creative flexibility. Without that flexibility and being overly stuck on plans "as they are", you suffer fear of success and even genuine failure through anger at things not going "right". Some of the best successes came through being flexible, and some of the greatest failures came through being overly rigid with plans.

So, think about this, colossal successes sometimes come through "make shift circumstances" or "make shift plans" and colossal failures come through following a plan too rigidly, and not allowing room for corrections and revisions.

Sure, that is a simple point, but it is not a point you should overlook in any way, shape or form. For, winning and making good come down to that sort of flexibility. For the worst quitters, one thing goes wrong and they cannot take it, they quit quickly and sometimes it is too hastily and quickly. Indeed, we must take genuine responsibility for the results we want to get, if we want all the good and great credit. Also, it is imperative that we use persistence with course corrections and revisions if we really do want to "get success right" for the worst failures come through fear of getting it wrong in any way initially. Fail forward and you will succeed and take the attitude that you just found ways not to do it and they will lead to ways that will work instead of fearing to work consistently at revisions until you do succeed.

That last paragraph may be a little wordy, but many of you get the point. Quitting too quick leads to failure, persistence in all things leads to success. I said what I said that way to lead you to that simple and clear point. Where there is genuine persistence, there are not any failures or losses. Simply revision and ultimate success.

I learned this lesson the easiest way possible as a youth selling newspaper subscriptions door to door and greeting cards door to door, cold canvassing. You must sell until you succeed selling and sometimes repeat those you failed at in adaptive ways until you do sell them. Then when they are permanent and repeat customers or consumers of your goods, then the concept of genuine success is considered, because you are genuinely established. But, other than that sort of genuine success, plans are never to get stuck on, and if you have reached an end of a rope, climb another rope, and another rope. There is always a chance for success as long as you are genuinely flexible.

So, when I talk about self-sufficiency, creativity is genuinely in the mix especially, because, productively used imagination is the ultimate genuine flexibility. Without that, rigid following of rules and empty hard work is the ultimate loss. So, never get stuck on plans, be genuinely flexible.


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