How To Promote Our Skills To Get More Clients

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In my previous article (making money by making logo), I focused on step by step method of how to start your work but I didn't speak in details about any steps.
So now I want to write an article just about how to promote your job or skill to make more clients

Lets Start Learning How To Promote Our Skills

Knowledges and skills are important keys to make money as a freelancer and turn successful in your job, but it isn't everything
Actually it is just 50 percent of your work. If you are working on your own foots(In another word you are a freelancer) you need something more than just having skills.
You need a more important key and it is promoting and affiliate marketing; This is a knowledge too, but it is a little different with other skills look at the example below to understand what do I mean:
Jim is a professional programmer and he built 10 amazing softwares which are really helpful but he didn't sell even a single copy of them.
you know why?
Because he didn't promote them and people doesn't know about his softwares are existing, so he went to Tim who is a professional affiliate marketer and asked him for his helps. Tim spoke with him on commision and other things and they made a deal and Tim started his work.
So after that guess what?
He sold about 10000 copy of his softwares in less than a year.
As a result we can see that it is more important to have selling skills than just focusing on producing new thing and improving your services.
In a competition you should be the best seller not just the best qualified one.
What is one of the most important keys for being a pro seller?
It is communication. If you want to be a pro seller of your own niche, you must have good relationship with almost everyone.
You should gather together a lot of friends because these friends can be both your clients and your affiliates,
Just imagine you have 100 friend and tell them about your new skill (For example like my previous article you are a pro logo maker), some of them will ask you to make logo for them and you will do it for them in my opinion it's better to make your first logos for your friends out of charge and completely free but do it with best quality (ask your friends what is more interesting for them or what they want from that logo and do your best on it) In this case, If they like your job they'll tell their friends about you and then you will have more client. Even more, you can get money for their next logo too(Just tell them first one was a demo of my skills and if they want more they should pay)
Some important tips:
1 = Never set too high or too low price for your job always have a standard price with high quality
2 = Never leave your old clients and always ask them their opinion about your work and ask them whether they want you to make a better one for them or not (It is possible for a company or even a website or a blog to want a new logo after 6 month).
So you'd better do it for them with a lower price (This method work for some other services too)
3 = Make your client's job bigger and tell them their project is an important one for you and make them fill that they are starting an amazing project.
4 = Always love your job and every day you wake up tell yourself that today my work is one of my most important aim in my life.
5 = Always tell your friends to share their ideas and comments of your work with their own friends to make them know about your service too and ask them to tell their friends about your services you can even set prize for everyone they refer like telling them if they give you a new client you'll make a logo for them for free too(Or any other services you like).

If you like this article you can share it with your friends to let them have a chance to start their own services stronger.
I hope you like this article and I hope it would be useful for you.


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2nd Oct 2015 (#)

Nice tips thank you!

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2nd Oct 2015 (#)

your welcome
thank you for your comment

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