How To Keep Your Audience Engaged Throughout a Presentation

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If you have got an upcoming presentation and want to stand out from the rest of the competition, then my killer tips will ensure that you deliver an awesome presentation every time that will get your audience talking about you for days, if not weeks. Enjoy.


We have all been there before, you are sitting in front of a presentation that seems to be going on forever and you stopped paying attention some time ago. You do not need me to tell you that this is a waste of both yours and the presenter’s time.

It is a challenge that we have all faced at some point in our business careers; how do you ensure that your presentation grabs the audience’s attention and retains their focus throughout? It is more difficult than it appears, and even if you have the greatest material, your audience can easily nod off and lose focus.

To make sure that you differentiate yourself from all those other dull and dour presentations, there are plenty of ways to increase the audience’s interaction for the duration and enable you to get your message across without them nominating you for the most boring chump of the year award.

Stand Out From The Competition

OK, so I am going to tell you some cold hard facts that will send shivers down your spine; 91% of business professionals admit to daydreaming during meetings they attend and 39% admit to falling asleep. It’s pretty damning, I am sure you will agree.

So, do you want to be the guy that sends his audience to sleep? Or do you want to be that guy who provokes interest and get people talking about how great your presentation was when they are back in the office with their colleagues?

Listen, it is not difficult to be that guy, anyone can do it, even you. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to make sure that your presentations inspire your peers, as well as making sure that people know how awesome you really are!

Make Sure That You Are In Charge

We all know that if you don’t ask for something, you don’t get. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that though, this is something we all learnt back in High School. If you want your audience to interact then you need to ask them.

Seriously, ask your audience for interaction at the start of the presentation and tell them that you expect there to be interaction. Who is in charge here? Is it you or those dead-eyed individuals in front of you? Do not let them switch-off whatsoever; randomly ask for waves of interaction in order make sure that they are paying attention and not thinking that you are another jerk who is wasting their time.

Ask Your Audience To Vote

This next one is one of my very own personal favourites and it has enabled me to give winning presentations that people cannot get enough of every time. An interactive voting system sets you apart from the rest and is a great way of making sure that your audience stay switched-on and engaged. The method that I like to use is to ask a series of questions and then ask my audience to vote on them. You will soon realise that you are hitting home-runs each time here. Why? Because you are giving your audience a voice, and more importantly, they feel like you genuinely value them.

The beauty of this is that you are still the one in the driving seat here, setting the questions and topics. This is also pretty neat as those who are not as confident as others in voicing their opinions in public also feel like they are being listened to as much as the jabberer sitting next to them.

Move Around As Much As Possible

How many presentations have you attended where the guy giving the presentation has stood rooted to the spot and simply read off a piece of paper. Too many, I bet. So, what exactly is the answer? Get moving! It really is that simple, if you are animated and move around the stage as much as possible you will soon find that your audience simply cannot take their eyes of you. This is always a bonus if this is a room dominated by women. Seriously though, this one is a sure-fire winner as well. Make sure that you move as much as possible, hell, if it even comes to it fall on the floor if necessary. I have done this before, it is a great ice-breaker and warms your audience to you straight-away.

Divide and Conquer Your Audience

This next and final killer tip I am going to give you is a great way to promote a discussion at the end of your presentation and make sure that the audience is discussing the content days, even weeks after you have finished! Seriously, this one this one is ideal as you literally have to do nothing and let the others do the work for you.

After you have delivered your presentations and blown your audience away with your mind-blowing content, let them take it all in and discuss it together. I know it is going to be easy as hell for them to sit around saying just how awesome you are, but it isn’t that time quite yet, there is always time for that and the high-fives when they buy you a beer later on.

I told you earlier that a killer strategy to employ is to ask for and promote interaction during your talks. As I said, doing so electronically is a sure-fire winner that will get you touchdowns every time, but you should also be doing so at the end and allowing people the time to reflect on your material.

To finish you should divide your listeners into small groups to discuss a question or concept that you have posed, then ask them to feedback to rest of the group of what that they have said. I cannot tell you just how much people love this, again you are making them feel valued, as well as stimulating them mentally.

Thanks for Reading

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