How To Downsize Sensibly

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How to sensibly downsize your business without losing anything

Finding the Unworkers

The trick is to keep the workers who work and get rid of unworkers, time wasters and those who apparently have no actual job.

This sounds simple. In practice the unworkers usually are the best dressed, most businesslike, and have often been there the longest, while the best workers usually 'detract from the tone' of the office.

Yet, if a careful check is made actually perform more work than two or three others combined.

These three basic steps should assist in downsizing wisely.

Three Steps


Some desks exist in a temporal distortion so that time moves much slower than in the rest of the office. Stacked with files, the movement from arrival to departure seems to be in geological time.

Finding these time distortions can be done.

For example, where all the files are the basic cream colour, one in another shade will be easy to discern. One can visually track the length of time it takes for that file to move from In to Pending to Out. As soon as one locates where the temporal distortion is, that desk can be removed.

Easy Firing

In a large office, network the computers so one can see what each is actually doing from one hub. Do not be surprised to see how many are occupied playing that Farm game, others visiting various sites, (probably porn). One can track the progression of a supervisior as the screens suddenly change to work.

Send around a hard copy memo warning employees that computers are not to be used to download and/or play games, create and dispense chain emails, or any other purpose save that required by their job description.

Include a reference to malware, (virus, trojan horse, spam) and that this letter is the first warning. Require each employee to sign the letter and agree not to use the computers for unauthorised purposes.

During a holiday, have all computers 'scrubbed' so that any unauthorised downloads or history would be clearly after receipt of the letter.

When the employee is again playing or downloading games, (seen and recorded from the hub) s/he is summoned, questioned.

S/he will lie. Show the recording and then handed a letter of dismissal.

Though most employees use their office computer for unauthorised stuff, once this exceeds 10% of the day's work, it is clear there is not enough work to justify the employment.

Personal Life

Many employees conduct their personal lives from the office. Whether using the office phone or their own cell, it is clear that they are not working. One warning should be sufficient, firing is the next step.

Persons who can not comprehend they are selling eight hours a day of their time for a wage do not have the proper work ethic.

They ought not have been hired in the first place, so obviously your interviewing method needs to be reworked to avoid hiring unworkers.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Jun 2010 (#)

The key to doing it right is to use your head not your heart. It has been my experience that the brown nosers do the least work yet are always the ones the bosses THINK that are working the hardest, most of them are the ones that talk the worst behind the bosses back and then put on a show when the boss is around.

If an employer really wants to know who is a good worker they should hire somebody as a temp to spy on the other workers and report back.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Jun 2010 (#)

Exactly Mark! That's a key right there.
But networking the computers is a real gift...

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