How Java Technology plays role in Enterprise App Development

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Described the critical points of Java Technology with its pros and cons in Enterprise App Development

Is Java Technology a Fit or Misfit for Enterprise App Development?

Today, millions of developers and devices are using Java programming language worldwide. Based on the principle of “build once, run anywhere,” this general purpose programming language is the king of the enterprise app market due to its simplicity and readability. Java empowers Android, and all native apps for Android are usually built in Java. Also, most of the Fortune 500 companies are using Java as a server-side language for their back-end development.

Let’s see how Java is the best fit for enterprise app development

1) Extensive Libraries – Enterprise apps expedite a wide range of business processes from data management to operations and resource planning. A standard enterprise app must have scalability, portability, and security at its core. Java treasures a plethora of tools, libraries, and ODEs (Ordinary Differential Equations) to enable developers to implement any feature or design seamlessly.

2) Android Friendly - Android and Java power 86% of the smartphones today. In a way, Java is at the heart of Android OS. The Java language is platform-independent, which means you can build your enterprise app on Android and then merge it with the desktop software hassle free.

3) Vast Pool of Talent – According to Gartner, the soaring demand for enterprise mobile apps will surpass the available development capacity by 500% shortly ( As more companies are using machine learning algorithms, connected gadgets and cloud solutions, the shortage of developers continue to grow. However, with more than 9 million skilled software developers, Java becomes the obvious choice for people in business these days.

4) Its Evolution – In the early 2000s, Sun Microsystems (the original owner of Java) started focusing on enterprise app development. However, in 2015, James Gosling & Mike Milinkovich agreed that the future of Java programming language lays in the Internet of Things. Moreover, today, Java is the second most popular machine learning & data science language(

How can Java be a misfit for enterprise app development?

1) Security – Although Oracle had issued several patches to cover significant security vulnerabilities of Java, using it in web browsers is still not considered as a good idea. One of the experts, Jason Perlow of ZDNet believes that more than 900 million Android devices are susceptible to hacker attacks because of Java ( Does this make the language less safe for enterprise app development? Yes, but this challenge can be mitigated with well-written inputs and outputs. Also, Java runs the code inside the Java Virtual Machine, which prevents the execution of untrusted code.
2) The “addictive” Nature of Java – The primary reason why Google and many Fortune 500 companies adhere to Java is the complexity and cost of rewriting the entire database code in any other language. However, the tech-savvy companies are now following the microservices approach for enterprise software development. They treat each function (like email automation or conversion of files into PDF) as a separate process. If we build a Java app this way, then it will include multiple modules, which may use different technology stack and require independent update and deployment.
3) Drop in Popularity - Today, the technology giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google have their programming languages. Moreover, if tomorrow Google plans to start using Go, Dart or Swift for Android then Java will eventually die on mobile. It probably will not have a direct impact on the market but will slow down the further development of Java.
Conclusion – Java is a mature programming language ruling the web development market regardless of its ups & downs. We can’t directly jump to conclusions as every programming language has its pros and cons. Consulting a reliable Java application development company can help decide how Java be the fit or misfit for your business needs.
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