How Internal-Facing Chatbots Can Boost Your Business

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How companies can use bots to improve their own processes


Before your business lets a chatbot talk to its customer base, using bots on your own staff is a great way to master the technology. They can improve internal processes, and recent research suggests internal use of bots are a double-win for businesses.

Enterprises are lining up to release chatbots, to help streamline their customer-facing processes. However, making an effort to improve internal business methods can provide a larger advantage. It can also improve IT, marketing, HR or other departmental understanding of the technology. With savings in time, money and helping digitise some processes, using chatbots can help any company be more efficient.

IT research firm Forrester has caught onto this trend with a piece (subscription required) “AI Is Ready For Employees, Not Just Customers.” It suggests success requires the bot be focused on helping workers complete their tasks, rather than replacing workers wholesale, or taking on the customer. That’s backed up by Spiceworks’ statistics that highlight the growth of workplace-based bots.

Bots at Work

The most common tasks use the likes of Siri or Google Home for dictation, but increasingly popular are internal management tools, with the growth in IT help desk support bots as a classic example of dogfooding the technology. Bots that can support the business make for more efficient workers and free them up for more important or creative tasks, are a great first step.

Any business considering chatbots can have teams focus on their own tasks, and consider which is most suitable for a bot to handle. Anecdotally, after IT, human resources is one of the most eager departments to adopt chatbots, handling issues like holiday and sickness, onboarding and other tasks where a straightforward narrative or a range of information can be accessed. Sales and accounting departments will also find they have a large number of regular interactions with other divisions that can be handled by a chatbot.

While successful big-brand consumer chatbots are easy to spot and mimic, a business bot that can impact your organisation is a little harder to identify and may require some research, but identifying and establishing the value of digital conversations is key to maximising productivity and a worthwhile effort.

Businesses of all sizes are adopting chatbots, Spicework’s research suggests a third of companies have already adopted them. While larger enterprises might see the more immediate impact in time saved, smaller companies can us them to grow faster. That’s as their bots consume less resources and free up the limited number of workers for more important tasks.

Chatbots drive business growth

Any business should be aware that chatbots won’t outright replace people or roles. However, they are perfect for taking over a lot of the donkey or rote work in many tasks. Best of all, Chatbots are easy to create, with solutions like SnatchBot providing a free NLP-powered service featuring non-coding creation, analytics and deployment to websites, apps or social media. It lets non-IT types build bots and provides templates as starting points for a range of tasks, from customer services to IT-specific tasks.

Once bots are proven in the workplace, and business leaders have a firmer grasp of the capabilities and limitations, then they are in a better position to decide where bots can be deployed to address customer or client requirements.

Whatever the role, all businesses should be learning about chatbots now and learning where they will fit best within the organisation. When proven as a time saver, the business can then focus on how to generate revenue. That could be from using them for in-bound marketing or traditional customer support, roles.

And as businesses learn the benefits, they can dive into the deeper world of AI-powered bots that can teach themselves. Certainly a company doesn’t need to be a big brand or a have a social media powerhouse presence to benefit from a chatbot.

The move for many companies to using business intelligence and digital business provides many routes to growth, with chatbots being just one of a range of technologies. However, with companies of any size and technical capabilities able to deploy a chatbot, it is one of the most accessible forms of technology that can provide surprising results.


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